Big Blue Wave in Oregon

2008 has been a good for the Dems in Oregon.

Since December 07, total Democratic registration is up 113,000 or 15%, Republican registration is down 9,000.  The Democratic registration advantage over Republicans increased from 71,000 to 193,000 or a percentage advantage increasing from 39%-35% up to 43%-33%.  This is really good news as we look forward to November and the opportunity to replace Gordon Smith, our Republican Senator.

The greatest percentage of growth was seen in the state house districts located in close-in Portland neighborhoods, Eugene (University of Oregon), Corvallis (Oregon State University), Ashland (Southern Oregon) and Bend (Central Oregon).  These areas are considered the most progressive in the state.  A lot of college kids, young families, professionals, well-educated.  Every district in the state saw increases but each of the areas noted here grew by 20%-27%, again compared to 15% statewide.  

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