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    Walking a mile in someone else's shoes can be so enlightening.  We should all try to do it more often.  That is how we find common ground.  Great diary.  Thank you.

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    No, there are actually three wings of the GOP:

    Rich, Uneducated (and gullible), and Fundamentalist.

    I call them the d***s, the hicks and the lunatics.

    And I have some of each of the above in my own family.  The only time they get along is on election day, its about the only thing they have in common.  I'm just happy we have an offsetting number of Dems.  

  • It is always nice to have more that one choice on a ballot.  But we do seem to love our DeFazio.  
    A bit of irony though:  The Republicans back something called the "Consitution" Party?    
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    A female WILL be president one day.  Look what we accomplished this year, the contest came down to a black man and a woman.  That in itself is historic and groundbreaking.  

    Hillary's chances for VP pick would have been enhanced 1000% if she were not married to a former two term president.  I personally never saw it in the cards.

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    Still here trying to bad mouth Obama I see.  I'd attempt to recite some of the comments from Hillary supporters from a couple months ago regarding polls but that would require more effort than I'm willing to invest on someone willing to vote McCain if she doesn't get her way.  Better to stomp your feet, jump around, throw your toys, stick out your tongue and get over it.  I'm sure there are some fine GOP sites to discuss how best to continue the Bush agenda for four more years.      

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    Play nice kids!

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    I would think almost 100% of Lou Dobbs viewers would want Hillary to run as an independent.
    I guess the other 39% are the Republicans that regardless of how much they want to keep the White House couldn't stomach five more months of the seeing the Clinton's on TV all day.

    I hear Karl Rove has a poll with the same question over at Fox....   And Rush...  And Hannity....

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    I sure am glad Obama has the nomination.  

    If Hillary were to think that Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Maine, Virginia, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois et al are not part of the "key Democratic states", I don't know how in the world she would have won the White House.

    Maybe the use of "several", "many", "most" would be more appropriate in this argument.  Those quailifiers make the point at least debatable.  But as happens too often in these diaries, blanket characterizations detract from other points that may actually have merit.  

    But I do agree, what was the New York Times thinking putting Obama on page 1?  Hillary deserved the entire front page all to herself.  How dare they acknowledge that other guy?  What did he do yesterday anyhow?  I don't remember, but I'm sure it was nothing in comparison to what Hillary accomplished.

  • Don't go off assuming ALL gay people are as gullible as your HRC supporting "gay" friend.  I was hoping she would concede but my $50 would have been with you.  

    Can I call you my online "straight" friend?  

    One more dig just for fun:  Is your "gay" friend anything like Steven Colbert's one "black" friend?   He makes me laugh.

  • So did his speech this evening persuade you in the slightest that he wishes you no ill will?

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    It wasn't a concession speech.  It was her first speech of the 2012 campaign.  Never too early to get started.  OMG!  Could you imagine?  A perpetual campaign.      

  • Just curious....

    Why does she "deserve" it?  

    Isn't it the first horse to cross the finish line that is declared the winner?  

  • I'd take Hillary.  But can we ask her to leave Bill in New York?  Not meaning to be disrespectful but he has really lost his lustre for me.  Not to mention how strange that would be, a former president as the spouse of the VP?  I don't know, seems to kind of contradict the message of bringing change to Washington.  But if that is what it would take, I could accept that.

    What about Senate Majority Leader?  Wouldn't her and Pelosi be able to control every piece of legislation going thru Congress?  That would be a pretty powerful position I would think.  

    But in answer to your diary, by all means, we need to stop fighting and bickering and start cooperating and working together.        

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    Those polls are just wacky!  It would be a mixed blessing to win in South Dakota.  

    Might make the Clinton campaign think that maybe, just maybe, they should have actually put forth a little effort in all of those irrelevant podunk consistently GOP-voting caucus states out West.

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    I won't rip you to shreds but are you suggesting that its now OK for all of us to start playing the gender card?  Since I am a male, I should never vote for a female and vice versa?  After gender bias, maybe a little race bias, religious bias, height, weight, maybe even bias towards disabled people?  Not very American I know and highly unconstitutional but it sounds to me like there are a lot of people that are are all of a sudden perfectly OK engaging in the politics of discrimination.      

    I don't think she lost over her gender, I think she had a lousy campaign staff with no long-term strategy and a husband who did her absolutely no favors.  It was Bill's mouth that turned me from Hillary to Obama.  If you want to blame some boys, I'd point at all the boys that she has chose to surround herself with.  Mark Penn, Wolfson, Bill himself.  Not to mention she forgot the all important rule.  If the men in your life aren't exactly bright, they damn well better look good in Speedos.



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