The Ticket We Can Get Behind

Now here's the team I just might be able to cross party lines for. v=feed&id=1159187642#/album.php?aid= 7091&id=1033827148&ref=share

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Hillary Clinton: Sore Winner?

One important thing to mention in the aftermath of the RBC decision: Hillary ended up with more delegates than Obama from Michigan, and more delegates than Obama from Florida.  And yet, she still reserves the right to appeal the decision?  The results were apparently not good enough for her, according to Harold Ickes.

Let's remember that the Michigan compromise resulted in Senator Clinton getting only four delegates less in Michigan than she wanted.  And she's willing to prolong this lack of party unity for a mere four delegates, which won't make a lick of difference to the outcome of the election?  What possible principle could she be supporting there?

Obama really didn't have a leg to stand on in Florida with claims to winning, but the situation in Michigan was much murkier.  Circumstances there could have justified arguing over Michigan again and again.  But Obama let Michigan go, and let her have it.  Isn't it time for her to do the same with the nomination?

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