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    Very simple -- and of a piece with all the other jiu-jitsu techniques Obama has mastered -- this is a campaign informed deeply by real psychological insight into the American voter.

    Barack is careful  -- maybe too careful, but if he wins, he's vindicated -- not to insult republicans" or *conservatives AS PEOPLE any more than he absolutely has to.  Instead, he compartmentalizes conservative ideology and asks people to reconsider identifying with it.  It works.  THAT is how we will defeat this shit -- to paraphrase Norquist -- by making it so weak and small we can drown it in the bathtub.

    Look at the party ID numbers and the switchers.  That's the real strategy.

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    Trent Lott is no longer in the senate.

    Res ipsa loquitur.

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    Michelle Obama, that is.

    "Hot" doesn't really do her justice. She's beautiful, yes, but the beauty is way, way more than skin deep.  She's a soulful, authentic, and downright compelling person who happens to be physically beautiful to boot -- rather like her husband.  

    And those are the sweetest kids.

    I think "I love you daddy" is the money quote.  A little girl p0wned the GOP hate machine tonight.  Totally awesome.

    The Obama family represents everything good about the United States, everything you want to believe is possible.

    Great, great job Michelle.  Barack sure is a lucky, lucky man.

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    It will come out -- probably after the election -- that the PUMAs (including a few on MyDD) are being paid by the McBush campaign.  

    Mark my words.  When we win the election these people need to be frozen out of any access and kicked out of the party. Period.

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    PS -- you' and your fellow Clinton diehards have made an enemy for Senator CLinton in New York State, where I will work actively to take her senate seat away from her

    You people -- Jerome most of all -- are not democrats;  you're sore losers who whine like babies

    Good bye, and good riddance

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    Wow, just right in your face!

    She can still win the popular vote, not counting a few million people whose votes don't count because they voted in caucus states?

    All this rule changing, game changing, special pleading etc has got to end.  She could win the popular vote by 2:1 and still not win without enough delegates (and that would be 2025, despite the new Clinton talking point meme that tries to establish 2200 as the baseline).

    So when she doesn't reach 2200 before he does, will you then admit he's won?

    Or if he does win the popular vote, as I expect he will, will you then concede even if she taKes the lead in delegateas?

    Or are Clinton rules so flexible that she can win by whatever metric works best for her, rules be damned?  Because we could just say right now, the candidate who ends the race with blond hair or having eaten the most rubber chicken wins this time.  

    Read Bob Herbert's columnn today and marvel that Obama has been too classy to remind voters of the pardons scandal with which the Clintons exited the stage last time they were told to leave:
    http://www.nytimes.com/2008/05/10/opinio n/10herbert.html?hp

    As for kicking those of us who aren't delusional off the site because darnit this is a Clinton diehard site, be my guest!

    I only signed up here a week ago, preparing for the general election and figuring I'd widen my blog horizons a little bit -- this site had a good reputation among progressives for a long time

    Now it's become the thinking person's version Hillaryis44, a cesspool of denial and yes, racism

    You don't have to kick me out;  after I finish this post I'm deleting my own account and never coming back here

    What a bunch of little children

    YOU deal with defeat, Clintonistas;  because it's upon you!  

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    And I meant to add this:

    why are we afraid of Clinton supporters not voting for Obama?  Do we really believe that, come November, millions of women and working Americans will cut of their own noses to spite their own faces and vote for the anti-choice, anti-labor, war-mongering McCain?  On "patriotism" issues no less?  After 8 years of Bush?

    If so, we lack "testicular fortitude" and may need to find some.

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    Yous ay "voluntarily" like it was somehow devious.

    Obama, silly man, was trying to follow the rules that all the candidates agreed to at the beginning.  Clinton was gaming the system all along, and now she just sounds terribly desperate for what we all know won't happen.

    Were I a Michigan Obama supporter, I would be outraged if Michigan delegates or votes were all given to HRC.  There are a lot of African Americans in Michigan, to name only one constituency that will matter in November; and a lot of students; and a lot of tech workers -- all core Obama support groups.

    So telling them to stuff it is more likely to cost the dems Michigan in November than just leaving things as they are and not counting Michigan at all, as Hillary agreed to do earlier in the campaign.

    Had Obama campaigned in Michigan and been on the ballot, it is my contention he would have won, perhaps easily depending on when in the process it had happened.

    Florida is a harder nut to figure, but then again, I'm sick of Florida's inability to do anything right with respect to electoral processes.  It is the single most corrupt state, politically, in the union.  We need to find a way to win without it (or do you trust the state that gave us President Bush?) and Obama can do just that by adding Colorado, North Carolina, Virginia, and possibly more of the mountain west to the slate.  

    Since 2000, my view on Florida has been that I'd be happy to see it become an independent republic, or fall into the sea.  Why do we keep dreaming we can win a fair fight when there hasn't been a fair fight in Florida yet?

    Ohio is a harder nut to spit out.  But I think Obama can win it.  He can also win Missouri; he has a shot at Kansas as a native son in a year the GOP is demoralized and underfunded to fight small state battles.

    Pennsylvania is virtually assured for Obama this time; we registered 2+MILLION new democratic voters there this year, guys.  That's the margin we needed for any of our candidates.  

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    I'm with the original poster, and as a New Yorker, I plan to work hard to deny Clinton her senate seat the next time it becomes possible.

    Clinton doesn't care about "working-class" voters; she cares about white voters.  (Who may happen to be "hard working" in her code language.)  If she cared about working class voters, she'd recognize that most of Obama's "black" vote comes from ...

    working-class voters!

    So what's the difference?  
    Some of them are "white."

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    It's a completely conventional expression that means "it's all over."

    Taking it literally seems silly to me.

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    When Senator Clinton stops ripping he democratic party apart with her racist dogwhistle endgame, I'll be nice too.

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    Darlin, that's the most self-serving and delusional thing I've read today!

    Stick a fork in her, and add the Florida and Michigan tallies if you like, even though it violates the rules, and Barack is still the certain nominee -- so keep dreamin!

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    Still in deep denial, I see   

    Delegates are all that matter;  you're still trying to change the rules, and that's called cheating in the America I live in

    Delusional -- they called Obama supporters that forever, but who's really in an alternate reality?

    The media has moved on, the electorate is moving on; Obama will close the gap in the remaining states just because he is inevitable and voters want to vote for a winner, so while he may not win those states (and he's sure to do better than win by 5 in Oregon, or do you know something the rest of us don't?)

    Red-faced Bill is on TV whining that the media are suppressing the vote by cheering Obama's victory; he's begging for a 10th inning, but  you don't play the bottom of the 9th, let alone the 10th, when the home team is already ahead after the top of the 9th

    Who's really cultist at this point?

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    How many white, working class Americans do some of you Clinton supporters actually know?  

    Demography is destiny only if you accept categories that haven't been accurate for years, and that are an inch thick and a mile wide.  Obama cracks through them every time he says he's had enough of slice and dice politics.  No message of his resonates on a gut level more than that one.  Millions of Americans are ready to hear that at last.  Obama won the primary, may we remind ourselves, with millions of white working class votes, even if Clinton had more of them.  Those millions  of people aren't that different from most of the ones who voted for Clinton, or if they are, the ones who voted for Clinton but really can't stand the idea of a black president wouldn't have voted for her in the general either with a nice, old-fashioned white male war hero of a certain age on the opposite ticket.

    And her "populism" would have been quickly revealed as an act in any case.  Her record does not support it; her ideology has always been elitist in the good sense, but it's on the record. She has many "bitter" comments of her own out there on the record, starting with Tammy Wynette and leading up to this one.  She has her own Wrights and Ayres in the closet.  And she's a notorious triangulator who could never keep all the compartments separate through a fierce general election with all of her baggage.

    She's done, so the point is moot unless you care about the democratic party coming together, and that means letting the failed Clinton candidacy go.

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    If Clinton misspoke, I expect a clarification and an apology.

    But she didn't misspeak; this is her final pitch.  The race card, the fear card, the hate card.

    I don't think she's a racist; I think she's unprincipled.

    But even as a strategy, this was dumb.  Black superdelegates will not tolerate this, and she has many still to lose.  Many other progressive SDs will see this as proof that she plans to tear the party apart on her way out the door and into the sunset, setting herself up for 2012, perhaps, or just being a sore loser.

    All she has just done is accelerate her own departure under duress.  She cut Obama no slack when he "chose his words poorly" a few times,  repeatedly hitting him on the "bitter" comments and even dogwhistling "San Francisco" herself, just like Bill O'Reilly was writing her stump speecg.  Turnabout is fair play when the future is at stake;  that's been the HRC supporter riff justifying stressing Wright and "bitter" and bowling and flag pins all along.

    Well, along with that innocuous populist claptrap, you get to keep another stereotype stuck to your lapel like a flag pin, Madame Senator.  Racist.

    Next thing you know she'll be proposing a rollback of school integration and decrying affirmative action as reverse racism.

    Shameless, like her husband.


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