• The Israelis are interested in seeing an independent Palestinian state, provided the Palestinian state never actually excercises it's independence !!

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    but it matches my gut feeling from back in 2006:  

    Only a matter of time before the Israelis go beat up on the hapless Palestinians in Gaza.

    To those that would doubt this motivation, consider all the exhortations to expel the ghosts of Vietnam that were recited prior to Gulf War 1. Of course, there were other reasons for Gulf War 1 (as there are other reasons for the present mess in Gaza); but had those other reasons not been present, then some other reasons would have sufficed.

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    Not exactly.

    To use your 1929 analogy, bank runs were often stopped cold when the bank president showed up with wads of cash, and declared that he had ample cash for everyone...and could everyone please form one line to get their money.

    The times when this "face-slap" approach would not work is when the bank president had indeed been making bad loans to his brother in law.

    In the present case, we all know that the bank has been making bad loans; and that the bank president (Bernanke) has already flashed boatloads of dollars.... to no effect.

    The bank IS insolvent.  Calling it insolvent is not making it any more insolvent!!

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    finally, a discussion on the N word....

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    They were (are) worried about a suicide bomber, and not having any good way (the technology isn't there) to track/identify him/her.

    One solution: slow things down, funnel people to specific locations and create confusion.

    I don't know if that is what happened, but that is indeed what I would have done if I was in charge of security today.

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    could not have broken the basic laws of thermodynamics...

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    Sen Kennedy suffer from a brain tumor called GBM (Glioglastoma Multiforme).  This is a high tumor... the tumor is interdigitated with the normal brain cells, making it impossible to remove the whole tumor without removing essential brain cells at the same time.  GBM was traditionally thought of as being uncureable.

    Recently, there have been some new developments in the field.  A complete genome analysis was performed, leading to the possibilities of targeted therapies.

    An Integrated Genomic Analysis of Human Glioblastoma Multiforme
    D. Williams Parsons,1,2* Siân Jones,1* Xiaosong Zhang,1* Jimmy Cheng-Ho Lin,1* Rebecca J. Leary,1* Philipp Angenendt,1* Parminder Mankoo,3 Hannah Carter,3 I-Mei Siu,4 Gary L. Gallia,4 Alessandro Olivi,4 Roger McLendon,5 B. Ahmed Rasheed,5 Stephen Keir,5 Tatiana Nikolskaya,6 Yuri Nikolsky,7 Dana A. Busam,8 Hanna Tekleab,8 Luis A. Diaz, Jr.,1 James Hartigan,9 Doug R. Smith,9 Robert L. Strausberg,8 Suely Kazue Nagahashi Marie,10 Sueli Mieko Oba Shinjo,10 Hai Yan,5 Gregory J. Riggins,4 Darell D. Bigner,5 Rachel Karchin,3 Nick Papadopoulos,1 Giovanni Parmigiani,1 Bert Vogelstein,1{dagger} Victor E. Velculescu,1{dagger} Kenneth W. Kinzler1{dagger}

    Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the most common and lethal type of brain cancer. To identify the genetic alterations in GBMs, we sequenced 20,661 protein coding genes, determined the presence of amplifications and deletions using high-density oligonucleotide arrays, and performed gene expression analyses using next-generation sequencing technologies in 22 human tumor samples. This comprehensive analysis led to the discovery of a variety of genes that were not known to be altered in GBMs. Most notably, we found recurrent mutations in the active site of isocitrate dehydrogenase 1 (IDH1) in 12% of GBM patients. Mutations in IDH1 occurred in a large fraction of young patients and in most patients with secondary GBMs and were associated with an increase in overall survival. These studies demonstrate the value of unbiased genomic analyses in the characterization of human brain cancer and identify a potentially useful genetic alteration for the classification and targeted therapy of GBMs.

    And more recently, a study came out tentatively linking GBM to a virus

    Virus in the Brain; January 2009; Scientific American Magazine; by Melinda Wenner; 3 Page(s)

    More and more in recent years, cancer biologists are pointing their fingers at viruses. Human papillomavirus, they found, causes cervical cancer; hepatitis B induces liver cancer; and Epstein-Barr virus has been implicated in lymphoma. Most recently, scientists discovered that malignant brain tumors called glioblastoma multiforme, the late-stage version of the cancer that has afflicted Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts, are almost always teeming with cytomegalovirus (CMV), a common, typically harmless herpesvirus. Although the nature of the association is still a mystery, researchers are already taking advantage of the link to find new cancer treatments.

    The saga began in the late 1990s, when Charles Cobbs, a neurosurgeon then at the University of California, San Francisco, started pondering the link between inflammation and brain cancer. Malignant tumors are often associated with abnormal immune activity, and he wanted to know why. "Is it just something that happens out of the blue, or is it possible that there's something maybe driving that inflammatory cascade?" he recalls wondering.

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    It wasn't the humor (or the absence of it) that they were objecting to, it was the abject stupidity (the presence of it) in that remark that you made.

    Now, you can grow up and apologize...or... stay the way you are !!

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    You wrath should, rightfully, be directed at the consumers who consume things with cost being their only consideration.

    I would rather have someone working in a sweatshop, than starving to death.  The reason they make $0.21/hour and not $0.22/hour is because everyone above them in the "food chain" (with the consumer at the very top) has a hard time parting with money.

    As an example, for each latte (made from fair trade coffee) that you buy, only $0.03 goes to the farmer.  And yet...

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    But, could you provide some links on the topic. I googled balance sheet recession, and came up blank except for the Japan example and blog posts by you.

    Any links that you found informative would be highly appreciated.

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    I did a google on "balance sheet  recession", and came up blank (except for the Japan example, and this blog post).

    Could you provide some links on the topic.. any that you found informative.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    I disagree with your analysis, and selective linking of one analyst's comment that supports your viewpoint.

    Apparently, the self employment tax mistake is common amongst household IMF employees; but not so commong amongst finance gurus like Geithner.

    From the NYTimes:

    But as The Journal reported on Wednesday, failing to pay the self-employment tax is not necessarily common among sophisticated I.M.F employees. Rather, one of the reasons such noncompliance is widespread is that it includes household embassy workers and other lower- level contractors. And regardless, the Finance Committee found that Mr. Geithner had signed paperwork at the I.M.F. that acknowledged his self-employment tax obligation.

    And, as the NYTimes continues...

    The story does not stop there. Mr. Geithner also failed to pay the self-employment tax in 2001 and 2002. Those returns, which the report says Mr. Geithner prepared himself, were not audited and so the I.R.S. did not order him to pay up -- which raises the question of why he did not voluntarily amend those returns and pay the taxes and interest at the time of the 2006 audit. Instead, he waited until after vetting by the Obama team late last year revealed the shortfall -- $19,176 in taxes and $6,794 in interest.

    And as to the tax credit for the sleepover camps, even I know what expenses are allowed under the Dependent Day Care category.  Mr Geithner must surely have known as well; and he was reminded by an accountant.  Once again, from the NYTimes..

    A similar lapse occurred on another tax issue. On returns for 2001, 2004 and 2005, Mr. Geithner wrongly claimed expenses for sleep-away camps in calculating his dependent care tax credit. The accountant who prepared his 2006 return informed him that payments to overnight camps were not allowable expenses, but again, he did not file amended returns for the previous years at that time. The report does not break out the taxes and interest on that item alone, but along with other adjustments, Mr. Geithner owed an additional tax of $4,334 and interest of $1,232.

    My conclusion is that Mr Geithner has some questions to answer; and that papering over these questions is simply not acceptable.

    You can, of course, conclude that his transgressions are "no big deal" because "everyone fudges" on their taxes a little bit.  I would paper it down to "a lot of people fudge" on their taxes...

    But regardless, if you make that argument, you are starting off a new administration with seriously compromised morals.

  • after they bloodied Israel in July 2006, it was only a matter of time before the Israelis picked on the hapless Palestinians !!

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    there is a movement to boycott Turks and Turkish products, with several houses displaying a sign that says "Boycott Turkisk Products", with a link to "BoycottTurkishProducts.com"

    (There are a lot of Armenians where I live).

    I would not make too much out of the Turks wanting to boycott Jews.  Turks have as much right to boycott Jewish products as Armenians have the right to boycott Turkish products.  

    As long as they don't take any steps beyond that... like burning Turkish (or Jewish) owned shops and so on....

    As for me, I shop at the Armenian stores, and I also shop at the Turkish stores (very few of those around here, but they make good coffee)

  • looks so much like my daughter.

    At least she does not have to suffer anymore !!


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