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    Mr. Stoller- your excessive view is quite mortifying. No sense of understanding, no rapprochement- essentially a know-it-all attitude pervasive in the other party. The complexity of the issue is not in dispute and a rational discourse without name calling would hopefully bring a thoughtful resolution.  I have heard about the shipping lanes, whether it is legitimate, I do not know. I know panoramic views represent property rights, whether putting big fans is a "taking" I do not know (will it depress some property values?); I also know for a fact (Culebra, Puerto Rico) that giant wind turbines affect air transmissions to a degree that would surprise most here- no radio or air television. An issue that has been raised before and I do not know whether it is applicable here is the effect windmills on flying species, especially, bats and migratory birds. And what about the infrastructure, it certainly can be argued that it would be as intrusive to native species and people as in Alaska.  So let's get some facts, I need as much to form an opinion, I do not know about the rest of you.  

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    It has come to my attention that the representative is from Georgia.

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    You are right, pandering was the word I was looking for.  Now, what John McCain really believes in is an open question.  I doubt very much that taxes would be raised or the fiscal imbalance would be resolved with a republican president.

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    Indeed he did, which makes his current stance more troubling and certainly more like Bush, there is no limit to his wankery.

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    I totally agree. For example, though I am not a fan of Sen. Lieberman he is far from being the scourge of the Earth.  I rather aim my fusillade at Chafee. It is important to proclaim loudly that the Republicans brought a war to this country on false pretenses; in my view, sadly not shared by many Americans, there can be no higher violation of duty.  In other words, since there were no WMDs, where did the evidence that they existed come from, obviously, it was invented.    

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    Someone please submit an example of what this means- it sounds worse than it is (though probably an indication of needed improvement). For example, if a Dem is leading 55-45 RV; does that mean the race is 50-50? and thus understating Reps by 10 pts? I just don't think that's what it means-other comments about the type of district and the fact that the MOE for individual districts is greater, means that we need to undertstand clearly this statistic before unhinging ourselves.    

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    This strike is nuts. Let's see, let's divide the union against each other and in the process do away with the salaries; get everyone ticked off at you; adversely affect the city and your employer- for what? I mean- what about using other strategies? Workers at Delphi have real problem, workers at the transit authority have a nuisance that they do not know how to deal with-striking for respect is an inane idea.  
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    Should not Philadelphia be the capital of Pennsylvania- I mean with the history and all. How do we get it changed? And what's the capital now, Harrisburg, Harrison, what's up with that? I mean it is not like it is Annapolis or Richmond.
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    The funding for the other programs will come through financing, e.g., borrowing.  The issue when it comes to government borrowing is whether the percentage increase in debt parallels debt repayment: right now, with or w/o SSA surplus (150 bill), government expenditures are severely out of whack- revenues (taxes) must be raised or government cut- since most of government expenditures that hemorrage money are the military, and Medicare (made worse by GWB), since interest on the debt by definition cannot be cut and the rest of government is only 20% of the budget, it is these two that must be cut.  The current budget deficit is currently so phenomenal that even the markets fail to appreciate it, but the day of reckoning will soon arrive- the inbalance in its entire shape and form is by far the worst in history ofthe world.  Note that today GWB proposed raising taxes in conjunction with his "reform". An increase in the salary cap is a marginal 7.5% to 15% tax increase to many folks.  It is ironic that the tax cuts have made SSA reform impossible.  
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    I have discussed this among friends and you are right that when framing the issue we need to include both elements of SSA.


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