• Well Matt that took some cojones- and I appreciate it as someone who has been right on the issues for a very long time.  I now understand the anger you project on some postings and replies; hopefully that will also temper with time. I once went through a republican period, or I shall say I was raised a pubbie and supported Reagan in College; but like you, I could not believe the lies- and I still don't understand how people I know, not rednecks, support the current regime- the bottom line, I fear, nobody cares; of course until it is too late.

  • Since Al Gore lost Tennesse by five points (and the presidency- I guess they have too many presidential museums there)- I am weary of the state.  So I would not keep my hopes up running as a progressive. Also the real republican vs. the fake republican battle moniker, is, I believe not a size fit all political analysis. Finally, running on competence on security should be an approach available for all, so the ad is in no way offensive to liberals.  The problem with Ford is not the ad, it is past stances on issues like SSA, bankruptcy, etc., but as the  expression goes, he is probably the best the state can produce.  

  • comment on a post MyDD Accountability Adwatch: Sheldon Whitehouse over 7 years ago

    The ad has to be the worst yet I have seen- jump cuts all over the place, the candidate is positively milquetoast saying nice platitudes-I undertsand not going negative early- but what about being aggresive positively-not a scream but a stump speech with crowds, some self depracating humor. Free tips: pick an important issue and stick with it through the ad- e.g., healthcare and why it matters and show the consequences of the cuurent system (doughnut hole or emergency care treatment as the first treatment for poor people)- basically- show that you will work for and with people by working for and with people in the ad- grade F- even worse than the one from the Washington lady (at least that ad showed someone who I instantly liked by her comportment).    

  • Concur- was he really banned for saying sit!-That's ridiculous- I think it was a joke. No?

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    It's a poor ad. The bio stuff is boring and irrelevant- it is a waste of time and money. The issues discussion at the end is better but short on specifics- it is better to hammer one issue than repeat the mantra for several- did she say she is for the minimum wage? Production values are average. One thing does come through, she is a very politically attractive candidate: well spoken, comes across as likeable and smart.

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    I cannot predict how the video will play and I cannot vouch or criticize others on how they perceive the video. My perception is that the handheld shot has a high emotional content and it shows a rude public official directing snarls and insults at an individual entitled to be there.  George Allen shows himself to be a world class classless individual who believes Virginians are of a certain quality who will see through his not so subtle message to elect him. He may be right.  

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    Very well stated. I had borderline feelings for the incumbent but his campaign has been atrocious, in the sense that I truly did not realize that he was a conservative all along. It does make wonder about Gore's selection. Here are the four most important issues for democrats and see where Liebermann falls:

                        DEM   REP
    1-WAR on IRAQ               X
    2-CLOTURE (ABORTION)        X
    3-SSA                       X

    The table is not posting correctly but we do know the positions (All REP except healthcare: unknown)

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    Well without endorsing the strategy- my thinking is that dems want the state battle to energize them and then pass a federal law.

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    This is garbage. High pitched political rhetoric for a purpose.  When we debate issues- I want examples. Now- here is one example I find demeaning and I am sure Obama and Stoller would applaud. Why should my son be required to say a "republic under God" everyday at school. And please, don't tell me he can opt out at fourth grade. All I want is for Christers to mind their own business- what is so wrong with that. Would people hold the same views if it was Wiccans or Muslims attempting to penetrate the public square?      

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    For whatever reason, McConnell has been against this stuff. He does have a strong 1st amendment claim as he is also strongly opposed to campaign reform. I am curious about Bennett; someone mentioned his strong libertarian bent, maybe so, I am wondering whether there is a jealousy factor against his senior senator and sponsor of the law, Hatch. The one thing that I recall about Bennett is that he recognized that his side plays dirty in the judicial wars - of course his response was: so what.  It had to do with the failed nomination of that MO judge - White?      

  • on a comment on 25 American casualties a day? over 8 years ago

    War is deplorable in so many ways- sadly the American culture only cares about American dead and injured (we don't even care about coalition forces casualties)- whom am I kidding- we don't even care about American casualties- but if we point and say look- well maybe people's opinion will change. Yes, I know that the number opposing the war has increased and that there is a fungible third that's lost, but that's the point- at this stage it is clear what the option is.  

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    Mimikatz- I do not have the poll numbers by sect but I'm aware that 2004 was a very high turnout year- my guess is that Kerry won the Jewish vote by the greatest absolute number ever in a presidential election.  Statistics must always be viewed from at least two angles.  

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    I think I get it- Matt Stoller was testing us to see whether we were paying attention; either that, or a pod temporarily took over his temporal bone.

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    So we need energy, period. I do not care about environmental consequences, property rights or other legitimate issues. Man, Matt I wonder where you get your ideas from. Let me see, who governs this way, uhm, no, Bush is not this way, is he?


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