• I never bought the notion that jewish democratic party supporters were going to abandon the party to ally themselves with people who consider them infidels. Nevertheless, with republican party trends down and democratic party trends up, it is probaly insignificant that great portions of the base are still with the party. A party's structural support is probably better determined when both parties are near their historical equillibrum. Now is not certainly the time to determine whether a particular subsect is solid, the republican party is so unpopular that the subsect polls will reflect this. The polls would be more pertinet if an important issue boiled over; then we would know how committed each subsect really is, but not now. To be sure, I think the party needs to continue its Hispanic outreach; sometimes, subsect vote certain ways without really understanding the dynamics involved. (The last point is addressing greensmile).        

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    If Chris, Matt or J have a problem with the post I would like to hear from them- as it is, I only posted what the man said not even a year ago- let's remember who the congressman was- it is to easy to whitewash history- a repost two weeks from now would render his remarks into the ashbin of history; maybe, the late man should have thought about was what his legacy while he was dying, obviously he didn't. As a Hispanic I found his views vile and repugnant- what's next? Should Lester Maddox obits have ignored his notorious past? As to the speculation of his transplants, well- I do think his death presents an excellent opportunity to revisit organ donation in this country.  There is no doubt that the elites and others game the system to their advantage. As organ donor card holder I want accountability in this department. Other will not be inclined to check the organ donor box if the system suffers from fairness. I know hearts and livers are hard to come by but I know nothing about the lungs situation. Maybe this can present itself as a good oppotunity to revisit the situation- sorry, but sometimes issues do present themselves at inopportune moments- but dicussing this issue is no more offensive that saying that soldiers are dying for nothing in Iraq (Obama should stick to his guns)- this is the reality of the situation- my condolences are with the family of the late congressman and dead GIs.  

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    "There are no jobs Americans will not do." You are kidding, right? "Illegal aliens bust unions" -BS-sure they affect some workers- but was there ever a union for tomato pickers? And the drive to services unionization is heavely influenced by recent naturilized citizens who were here illegally. I bet you are a Cuban- that particular Hispanic group has a sweet deal concerning immigration-in essence - there is no such thing as an illegal Cuban immigrant- which is good- it would be nice if Cubans, who mostly support republicans (see a connection) supported similar laws as applied to Mexicans. Just to be sure, half of working class America has suffered net wage losses for thirty years and it has nothing to with illegal immigrants. You see- wealth creation in this country is a great as ever, but the distribution of it is what is broken.

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    WOW- Hillary's comment not regretting her war vote, and worse yet, conflating Iraq with 9/11; and Terry's racism (yes, that's what it is)- the dynamic duo hit the exacta today. I am speechless. Note to DEMS: the future of the party relies on hispanics- don't piss us off.  

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    Let me add a couple points to this insightful article. PATCO (traffic controllers) employees deserved to be fired. They took an oath not to strike against the U.S. government and broke it. It does not really matter that the union leadership was republican- my thought are the same- if you cannot keep your word-don't give it.  I like the top candidates on the democratic field. Wes is my least favorite (him almost starting WW3 in Bosnia does not endear me) and Edwards is my very polished, but the field is solid, and yes, they need to be tested against each other. Finally, healthcare is the most imporatnt issue in the country and Wyden's plan looks very promising, we all should get behind it. Clinton tried and failed for many reasons, but, let's be clear, the media had something to do with it.      

  • Coleman is very vulnerable- but Franken? Is this all we got overthere? Look I know he means well and all that- but once typecast, always typecast-the guy is a comedian for heaven's sake. Please- let's all rethink this one.

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    Well I did some research on this chain index and my take is that it exists to rationalize poverty.  The way it works is like this- if a family of four lives in a 1,600 sq. ft. apartment and pays $1,000 a month- if over - say four years - the rent goes up to $1,500 (not unreasonable in growing cities) and the family needs to move to continue paying a similar amount that it can afford - the new place would be $800 (again reasonable because smaller places charge more per square foot). Woe lo and behold - according to the indices- the family standard of living is teh same- but look at the quality of life- half the size of living space- consider that the index does not factor food and energy- which disproportionate affect the working poor - the index is not reflective of working Americans- the index sole purpose is to adjust core inflation downwards.  It does follow the much discredit money supply tables.

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    I appreciate your response and would like to know more about PCE Chain Weighing. The essence of the post remains the same- meaning- even if you adjust the numbers a tad-and considering inflation has been very tamed for most of time period being discussed-unrestrictred trade has had a neglible impact on the median average.

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    I agree that the code analysis was a tad surreal. My only question is whether Hastings has addressed the wired call- yes or no- if yes- what did he say about them- a judge should not be dropping papers or having ex parte communications with one side alone when in litigation unless explictly waived by the prosecution.  It my mind, the actions are not enough to be criminally convicted but they create a preponderance that must be rebutted, and insinuations and mockery are not rebuttals- again, I repeat, does anyone know what Hastings said about the call? If he did not address the call- why not?  

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    Wow- a lot of commentary- Matt- nice catch on the Menendez smear. Hastings: what I read in TPM is indeed troublesome- I have not heard an explanation on the wired call-certainly it is not enough  to convict him but nevertheless- I am curious to know what else was going on besides a bribery-anybody know? Has hastings specifically address the phone call? And isn't a judge not supposed to have ex parte communications with an attorney in a case? Harman- well what I have seen is that she does well on TV- however, why can't she just abide by the wishes of others- she is simply too controversial.

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    It is too early to suggest a course of action on the race, it depends on what is uncovered- if it was voting error, your solution is fine- if it is more nefarious- as it seems right now- then you seat both and run a new election.

  • Sorry- correction Bush 2004- (you see that Post guys- it is not that hard to issue a correction).

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    I know Hoyer- he is a party/institution man who is overcautious. Truly a good guy but not inspiring and definitely unwilling to stir things. I know little of Murtha but he impressed me with his courage. However, he is always been a Pentagon man and I wonder if he is willing to defund some of the more exotic and ridiculous expenditures- right now - it is a strong lean for Murtha.

  • I believe the House can refuse to sit the member.

  • Please, the answers is.... (drumroll)-too speculative.


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