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    Hillary should not be talking about "white voters" at this late stage- it is indeed shameless.  She should blame her lost on blind loyalty- she kept Penn way past overdue- did anybody read ATRIOS who reprinted a story that showed that Penn did not know that delegates were proportionally allocated?-How the hell is Ballston supposed to run a campaign if they do not even know how the delegates are apportioned- imagine running the White House in a similar fashion.

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    is not a river in Egypt.  Whether it is the the proximity to Chicago or whatever else one comes up with- an essential tie where Hillary was supposed to do better because of demographics and polls finishes her of as a viable candidate- this was a very poorly run race by her. So 14 % of the dems decided to vote for her in the last week versus 10% for O- the 4% difference in such a sample is almost statistically insignificant. She would have done better running as liberal instead of offering to obliterate Iran, chastise economists or raise false alarms on her opponent- is too bad becasue I voted for her when she was running a positive campaign and I am not sure I would have voted for her now with all the pandering. The book on how not to run a campaign should be written by someone close to her. The real shame is that she would have certainly won (and so will O) and would have been a great president.      

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    Hillary ran a poor come from behind campaign. JA- I hope you dedicate your efforts against McCain as I know you will, but at the same time I also hope that you verify what you print, a badly misinformed story against McCain and you will squander whatever credibility you have left-in other words, be judicious.

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    Oil is a very finite resource- the supply/demand equation is one-sided.  A real energy policy would propose raising gasoline taxes (a la John Anderson when he proposed a $1.00 tax a gallon back in 1980.) Certainly, cutting gas taxes is the wrong way to go. AND BTW, there are obviously other ways to help families in need besides throwing less than a quarter at them everyday (18 mpg in 18-mile round trip commute=18 cents)- it almost feels like a tin cup.  

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    So it was hyperbole- I am afraid people are to skittish.

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    I think you misunderstood (and BTW, I voted for Hillary in VA)- what I'm trying to say is that Rev. Wright sermons were available for a very long time but she only used them against Obama when the race was settled- she should have brought up the issue much earlier- but if you follow reports on her campaign (e.g.,  the article about Penn in TNR) you would know that it is poorly run. For example here in Fairfax, the FC Democratic Party offered help to Hillary with voting lists and canvassing but her campaign tirned the offre down. Her Ballston quarters are so centralized that they refuse offers of local help (the information I have does not address Obama but I assume this assistance was also offered to him). Thus, she was overwhelmed in caucaus (sic?) states because she had little ground help. Her campaign strategy made sense as a favorite, though shunning any kind of help is always a bad idea, but she never had a plan B in case she trailed.  The reason for the debacle is that her loyalty streak is so deep (Bushian in proportion) that she is unable to dispense with advisers (compare with Obama and Wright).  If Hillary had fired Penn after Iowa and done some agressive oppo research, she would not be where she is right now; but she again became complacent after NH. If we are to judge campaigns as qualifications for the WH then Obama will be a good president and Hillary will not; though, I will be the first to say that it is not necessarily true. What I do know is that Obama has shown exceptional organizational skills, a skill needed for the presidency. And what happened to all the money Hillary had? And btw, what the hell is a HR?

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    It really goes to show what a poor candidate Hillary has been- this information was there all along and she uses it when it way too late- it is almost Bushian in the sense that we had intelligence on 9/11 before 9/11 and we never used it- Hillary's campaign shows that 9/11 would be repeated because she does not know how to use information (intelligence). The number drop for Obama is large but not even close to sufficient to alter the outcome- more importantly is what impact all of this has versus McCain- according to NBC news- none.    

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    OK-the rehab of JA: the prior post was your best (EC calculations) and now you are learning with skeptical analyis, you are almost there.

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    Did he vote against that death penalty provision because the individial had not committed the murder?  

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    I stand corrected- NV+NM w/o COLO= 269. NV was not part of Gore/Kerry= but polls have BO ahead-it seems we would need COLO.

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    How come Obama leads Mcain by 8 in Pennsylvania in two week old Rasmussen poll. Pennsylvania has the typical demographics we are talking about.  The truth of the matter is that Obama and Hillary run similarly with a couple exceptions per the map in THIS WEBSITE! However, Obama has the ability to expand the map. Without FL and OH and with either NM or COLO Obama beats McCain. Hillary is a good candidate but this thing is over and it is time to move to the next phase, but with type of acumen blogged lately (even Kos blasted the manipulations)- perhaps is better that one limits oneself to reporting.      

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    It behooves Jerome to include an entire list of vote totals instead of cherry picking the one he likes, otherwise he loses credibility. I saw the RCP list and the one that strikes me as best sampling is the second one to last which includes everything but Michigan. I mean Obama would have gained a least one vote in Michigan- right? That total shows Obama ahead by 1%- what that means is that the race is very close- nothing more nothing less (note how I do not impugn my own credibility by claiming something that is not there). If I was a delegate I would not look kindly at a campaign that was trying to pass false information.  

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    I have only seen excerpts and I am not trying to pump up Obama, but from what I have read, the most important point brought up is how you define success in Iraq which was what Obama asked.

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    Jerome-this is your job! OK- I read Barone, apart from telling the obvious about Appalachia there was no there there. Meanining-he really had no analysis-it almosts sounds like they have talking points but do not know how to merge it with a narrative.  The reality is that there is an electoral strategy against Obama which is different than against Hillary- but it is untested and they are slowly spewing it in case they need to withdraw it. One thing for sure-they are late but still have time.

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    I agree that both are equally electable- I would not try to guess what's in Rove's mind- it could be reverse psychology or reverse reverse psychology. Finally, I commend Jerome in posting on what he does best-poll analysis, though relying on that Electoral College map that gave PA to Rs when polls show otherwise represented a lapse.  


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