Hillary didn't WANT Michigan & Florida counted!

First of all, let's get one thing straight:

Hillary Clinton does NOT have the lead in the popular vote. Following last night's primaries, if you use the estimates from the four caucuses (Iowa, Nevada, Maine, Washington) that don't release official numbers, Obama leads by 559K. If you leave out those four caucuses, it's still 449K.

Oh, but you wanna count Florida and Michigan? OK. If you add Florida, Obama still leads by 264K. Only... ONLY if you include BOTH Florida and Michigan, and give Obama ZERO votes from Michigan does Hillary take the lead... by between 63K and 173K, depending on if you include the four caucus states or not.

"But we MUST count Florida and Michigan!" you yell, "And we MUST count them the way the original votes were cast!"

Just one problem with that...

There's more...


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