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    Not a Busheep much, are you?

  • I don't think he was trying to be funny. I think it's worse than that. I think he was saying, "It was just a stupid pizza place! People like Sarah and I shouldn't even be forced to step foot in such low-life places!"

  • Oh, say, Brown v. Board of Education?!

    C'mon! Even though the American people aren't always the brightest in the world, I'd still say that the vast majority could name at least THAT one.

    (There are, of course, about a dozen others that everyone SHOULD know... but that's another matter.)

  • Anyone who slams Keith because, as you said, he called Hillary on some of her stupid moves in the primaries, are NOT liberals. The whole reason Olbermann, and many of US, went after Hillary was because SHE wasn't acting like a liberal, or even a Democrat much of the time. She was acting more like a Republican during much of the primaries, and yet her supporters would NEVER call her out. If they HAD, then maybe Hillary would have realized what she was doing was messed up, and would have changed her tactics. And if she had done that, then she actually may have WON the thing. So her supporters deserve some of the blame for the loss... but instead of admitting it, they take it out on Keith and others. Sad...

    And by the way, since the primaries ended, I think Hillary has come to her senses, and remembered she's a (fairly liberal) Democrat again. Unfortunately some of her supporters are still living in fantasy land, and doing whatever they can to help McCain/Bush!

  • You got it nailed 100%! Have you been to the "Hillaryis44" site? It's just SICKENING. And sad to say, there are some similar types lurking around MyDD. Just because Olbermann called Hillary on some of her idiotic moves during the primaries (and yes she DID do some bad things), these people now badmouth him.

    It doesn't seem to matter to them that Keith is the only person in MSM (except for maybe Jack Cafferty) who tells the truth about Bush, McCain, and the other rightwingers. In fact, remember Keith looking directly into the camera and saying, "George Bush, you're a fascist! Why don't you just come out and say it!"

    That, all by itself, should be enough for any self-respecting liberal/progressive to wanna build a monument to Keith Olbermann. The fact that many people on this site, instead put down Keith, tells me they are ANYTHING but liberal. In fact, I doubt if most of them are even Democrats.

  • I started to give you a '2' for great snark. But now I'm not 100% sure it IS snark... so I'm not sure what to do. PLEASE tell me this was sarcasm.

  • Hillary supporters and Barack supporters haven't exactly been dear friends over the past few months, but it's sure good to see we're starting to come together a little. This thing Dennis is doing should be a wakeup call, too:

    We are in this TOGETHER. It's Bush, Cheney, and the other rightwingers who are our real enemies... who are the enemies of ANY decent person.

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    And Harold Ford? The guy needs to get back in his trojan horse (DLC) and ride off into the sunset.

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    How 'bout MyDD? Nope, even though it leans Hillary, people here aren't THAT bad.

    Ok, maybe HillaryIs44... yeah, you've probably got a good shot. I'd check it out if I was you.

    But really, if you REALLY wanna find some fans, you might wanna head over to NoQuarter. Oh, and tell Larry we said Hi... and we're still waiting for that fabulous Michelle "Whitey" Obama tape.

  • You gonna be happy if Obama "offers" you the VP spot? Even though the only reason he'd even think about doing it is because you'd threaten and blackmail him? Does that make you feel good that you would NOT be chosen because he (or his supporters) wanted you, and thought you'd be good for the ticket, or a good VP if elected?

  • How any non-Bush-supporter can have a problem with ANYTHING Keith has said about that slimebag is beyond me! If anything, Olbermann has been TOO POLITE to Bush at times. He sometimes refers to him as "President Bush", or "Mr. Bush." Only rarely does he refer to him as "fascist" or "warmonger", or "liar", or "criminal." If anything, Keith needs to use those words EVERY SINGLE TIME he addresses Bush, just so it'll eventually sink in to people on the fence.

    In case I haven't made myself clear: George W. Bush is evil personified, who deserves at a minimum life in prison... and at best, to wind up like Mussolini. So there's really NOTHING Keith can say about Bush that is too extreme. And if you believe he says what he says for "entertainment" purposes, and that his comments aren't filled with REAL emotion... well, I don't think I can help you.

  • He's not the only one who "turned nastily on Hillary". A LOT of people, me included, have done that. But not all at once. I was pretty neutral about her until a few months ago. But then, slowly, inexorably, she began moving more and more into the Bush/Rove realm of behaviour. THAT is when I (and I suspect Keith) began turning on her. I have trouble even considering her a Democrat any more.

  • I understand. You'd prefer that he (like most other commentators) would just totally IGNORE the crimes of Bush and Co. Unfortunately for Bush supporters, though, I don't think Keith is gonna shut up about that any time soon.

  • Then that means you're very likely a Busheep? Yup, I think it does. The ONLY people I've seen who dislike Keith Olbermann are people who have a problem with how he slams the slimebag in the White House.

  • Ummm... he just happens to be the man who's gonna help the rest of the MSM finally WAKE UP to the crimes of the Bush Regime. When Bush and his buddies are finally behind bars, Keith will be one of the heroes who helped put them there. Do you care about THAT?


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