Next Steps for Ending the War in Afghanistan

The Orderly Withdrawal and Stabilization for Afghanistan Act addresses the economic roots of the renewed insurgency.  Until 2005 Afghanistan was relatively peaceful, as the vast majority of Afghans waited in extreme hunger, poverty, and deprivation for jobs designed to rebuild their country.  The insurgency is largely the result of a failed reconstruction as well as weariness with ongoing civilian casualties caused directly or indirectly by the occupation.

"The Orderly Withdrawal and Stabilization for Afghanistan Act" brings stabilization, supports the troops, and wins the war all at the same time.  

The Orderly Withdrawal and Stabilization for Afghanistan Act

Whereas, We support the troops at all times, and demand an end to the war in Afghanistan;

Whereas, The United States has a national interest in a stable and secure Afghanistan;

Whereas, No national security interest can be secured by the conduct of an open-ended, drawn-out war,

Whereas, Our commanders have stated that jobs for fighting-age Afghan males, as an alternative to joining the insurgency, are a vital part of bringing stability to Afghanistan;

Whereas, H.E. Ehsan Zia, former Minister of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development for Afghanistan, a vital and effective ministry, has called to the attention of Congress a critical shortfall in funding for the highly acclaimed National Solidarity Program, which works with over 22,000 village councils in administering effective job development in Afghanistan, guided and owned by Afghans, relating to basic infrastructure,

Whereas, The American people can no longer sustain the enormous cost of a war which is draining our treasury and costing the lives of America's finest, our troops,

And Whereas, We must use these funds now spent on the wars for our national priorities, including health care, jobs, and deficit reduction, not foreign adventures,

We hereby enact this Orderly Withdrawal and Stabilization for Afghanistan Act, which appropriates $14 billion for the orderly withdrawal of US troops, to be fully-supplied as the withdrawal proceeds.  $5 billion of this amount shall be appropriated for stabilization through a robust job-creation plan administered by the National Solidarity Program (NSP), paying a wage of between $7 to $10 per day.  Troops shall begin to be withdrawn at the rate of one battalion per week beginning in June of 2010, as job creation proceeds under NSP administration.  United States troops will complete their withdrawal by December 31, 2010."

Minister: U.S. Shortchanging Afghan Development (Wired Magazine)


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