Matt Taibbi trashes the President

Obama BAD!
Matt Taibbi wants you to think that, and blogs:

Obama leaves foxes in the Commodity Futures henhouse

   Sommers, 40, is a former policy director for the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, a New York City-based group that represents derivatives market participants.

   via Obama Nominates Jill Sommers to Additional CFTC Term (Update1) -

In yet another win for the anti-regulation effort in general and banks like Goldman Sachs in particular, President Barack Obama has just re-nominated Jill Sommers to a spot as one of five commissioners on the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the body that oversees derivatives and commodities trading.

But just a few paragraphs down, where most readers never get, he tells the real story of such appointments and re-appointments...
which I quote beneath the fold.

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Help is on the way! A Plague of Biblical Proportions!

A crop-borne fungus that targets wheat, named Ug99 because it was first identified in Uganda in 1999, has become one of the primary threats to global food security. Newfound virulence in the evolving stem-rust strain suggests the fungus could destroy as much as 80% of the world's most widely grown crop: wheat.

Science! Once again we hear that 'the Sky is Falling!'

the increased virulence seen in East African samples of Ug99 has caused concern the fungus could cause a global collapse of the human food supply.

These people. When will they stop?

Besides. Elisabeth Hasselbeck, in her new blockbuster book on eating Gluten free (and we all thought she was just a dumb Republican echo with yellow hair), will teach the world to eat non-wheat!

And those who are savvy can even make a buck on this. Ain't American free enterprise great?

Fear that the fungus will cause widespread damage has caused short-term price spikes on world wheat markets. Famine has been averted thus far, but experts say it's only a matter of time.

References: 9/06/23/3183/ug99-stem-rust-fungus-could -wipe-out-80-of-world-wheat-crop/ /elisabeth-hasselbeck-sued_n_219624.html world/la-sci-wheat-rust14-2009jun14,0,17 51268.story

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Is Obama being arrogant about his S.Ct. pick and conservative controversy?

This will not be a long diary, but is Obama being arrogant about the impact of whomever he picks as a nominee for the Supreme Court?

If this article is true, I would say there is a level of arrogance to him that bothers me: article_212228373.shtml

If the past 100 days are any indication, W.'s nomination of Miers will end up looking like sheer genius when compared to Obama's choice to replace David Souter.

Consider the following sign which is now posted in the main window of the Oval Office:

Help Wanted!

Street savvy victim of racism and bigotry needed for lifetime, guaranteed government job in Washington, D.C.

Pro-choice atheist people of color with bilingual skills, clean IRS record, and ACORN experience encouraged to apply.

Background in Constitutional law not mandatory, but will be considered a plus. Must be willing to oppose powerful white male co-workers on a daily basis in collaboration with a tired old Jewish lady on her last legs.

Bring your genealogical history printout showing a pattern of slavery and or racial discrimination against you or your ancestors to the front door. Ask for BHO.

White males need not apply.

Confidential sources (Republican moles) within the administration say the White House has already received more than 1,000 applications and has started a "short list" which, so far, includes the following luminaries:

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-California)

Angela Davis, former College professor

Sonia Sotomayor, a front runner because she is a woman and Hispanic, AKA, a "two-fur."

Asked to comment on Obama's racist and sexist screening criteria, a high-level administration source replied that the president has vowed to be very thoughtful and careful in selecting the female minority he ultimately nominates!

I am going to make a prediction right now- no matter who he picks, he will receive criticism from the Left, Right, and Center. Judging from the harsh criticism he is receiving before he has announced his nominee, I think it is safe to assume that he should pass on making any nomination at all at this time - after all, a man who lacks enough life experience to merit an honorary degree from Arizona State 'University' should not be presumptuous enough to think he's qualified to make a decision that could influence the future direction of the Highest Court in the Land!

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Reported that Obama is continuing the policy of rendition - allowing the CIA to kidnap people and send them to countries that aren't squeamish about torture - seriously.

I'm a real dyed in the wool obamabot, but I may have to go all PUMA on his ass if this is accurate.

Seriously. tore/what-is-obamas-rendition_b_162927.h tml

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Ten Dollars a week

It seems clear to me that Barrack Obama has changed the way that Presidential elections will be financed from now on. That the Republicans will not get surprised again also seems obvious to me. I want to encourage everyone to begin to save starting tomorrow so that every one of us can contribute $2300 o the re-election campaign in 2012.

My idea is simple.

put 10 dollars a week in an interest bearing savings account starting now, that's 1.50 a day.

At 3% interest, your effort will yield enough to contribute 2300 dollars to the campaign. Add some when you can, and contribute to down ticket Democrats, or to campaigns for Congress and local elections in 2010.

How cool would that be?

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McCain in History

 I'm a Navy Vet, of the Viet Nam era. I was an enlisted man and worked closely in support of Naval Aviators (Pilots) and Naval Flight Officers (NFOs) - NFO's were the non-pilot officers who flew to operated the electronics in the olden days before the fancy computers took over those tasks, btw.

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