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    That's actually a good suggestion. We should be easily able to overwhelm the numbers, and if we bring mocking signage we could humiliate these scum, even though they wouldn't understand what was happening to them.

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    I researched this and found only the article you referenced and one reference to the same article by Ace-of Spades' right wing website. Can you give me some other reference to this ever happening and who the resulting investigation determined was responsible? I can't find anything on this, and certainly nothing to support your implication that this was a Democratic assassination attempt.

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    No need to apologize, Kent. You never wrote any criticisms or made any predictions that weren't carefully thought out and based on reasonable reading of the facts at the time. Your analysis was always helpful and moved the discussion forward, encouraging all of us to examine our strongly held personal beliefs in the light of history and to take the long view when considering the ramifications of the various political strategies being employed by the WH and Congressional leaders.

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    An eight-month McClatchy investigation in 11 countries on three continents has found that Akhtiar was one of dozens of men — and, according to several officials, perhaps hundreds — whom the U.S. has wrongfully imprisoned in Afghanistan, Cuba and elsewhere on the basis of flimsy or fabricated evidence, old personal scores or bounty payments.

    McClatchy interviewed 66 released detainees, more than a dozen local officials — primarily in Afghanistan — and U.S. officials with intimate knowledge of the detention program. The investigation also reviewed thousands of pages of U.S. military tribunal documents and other records.

    This unprecedented compilation shows that most of the 66 were low-level Taliban grunts, innocent Afghan villagers or ordinary criminals. At least seven had been working for the U.S.-backed Afghan government and had no ties to militants, according to Afghan local officials. In effect, many of the detainees posed no danger to the United States or its allies.


    You're not a Republican? What you ain't is 'credible'.

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    11 minutes you can't get back


    Weird Al is weird, but it's an act.

  • They could sell their organs (other than brains) for transplantation or animal feed.

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    Send them on to the FEMA Camps in Black helicopters, then raid their single-wide trailers and gather up the guns and ammo. Then sieze the trailer and hand it over to gay-married Mexican immigrants, who will be given union jobs building the Mexico to Canada Highway (the Nasco Corridor).

    It's almost sweet for words.

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    you get to go to a teabag hospital for all the Oxy-contin your libertarian ass desires, provided you bring a small child to trade for it.

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     The Bill LAW will eventually help meth-addicted wife beaters across the South pay for their Oxy-contin scrips so they can be really buzzed for Mega church and enjoy listening to the preached tell them how Jeebus wants them to be rich and vote republican. So stop grousing.

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    for ever doubting that I would ultimately be able to say, thanks to Barack Obama, that I told you so. I wavered a bit when the Kill-Billers seemed to have won, and because I lapsed in my belief that Nancy Pelosi was smarter and stronger than all the blue-dogs and Republicans (and 'true progressives') put together - I especially apologize to her.

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    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton celebrated the passage of landmark health care reform Monday, in a rare moment for a woman who was once one of the leading voices on the issue.

    "If you ever doubt the resolve of President Obama to stay with a job, look at what we got done for the United States last night when it came to passing quality affordable health care for everyone," Clinton said during a speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

    Hillary is right, and gracious, and right.

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    For me a good part is reading the reactions expressed here at MyDD, which have been really nice so far. But the BEST part is not reading the reactions of those who hate this victory, as they haven't yet posted since the vote...for the most part.

  • The fallacy I was referencing was jeopardy's: "this bill got worse and worse until the Progressives started rebelling". The trajectory of "the Bill" (more accurately 'the bills') was a predictably complicated one, whose ultimate fate is as yet unknown. If HCR which has eluded generations of Democrats becomes a reality I will pity those who will lament its imperfections - they are fools.


  • Post hoc ergo propter hoc. 


  • Breaks aren't free, either.


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