•  I'm not a fan of Blanche, but I am a fan of Democrats, even if they come from Arkansas and end up in the Senate. I don't subscribe to the theory that it is better to unseat a "right wing" "moderate" Democrat in the Primary and subsequently lose in the General Election. If Halter wins a runoff, he better win the General. If he doesn't as a result of being too Progressive for the Arkansan electorate, then working to get him on the ballot will have had the same effect as helping to elect a Republican Senator. In other words, it would prove to be unfortunate, ultimately, for Democrats to have won a victory in the Primary. I don't know what the voters in Arkansas will decide in November, but I've actually been to Arkansas and I didn't like it at all. 

    I think Halter makes it harder to hold the seat in November, but whatever happens, I just hope the process is fair and let the chips fall where they may.

  •  You seem to have missed the point entirely. I specifically said that an individual's happiness with the outcome does not make the outcome fortunate. The misfortune of GW's stolen elections was the cheating, first in FL/SCOTUS and then in OH. Most unfortunate. 

    You need to pay attention, if you hope to keep up. This was relatively simple mental exercise, and well, you booted it.

  •  If I hear you correctly, you use the word unfortunate to describe electoral outcomes which displease you. I think that is a silly use of the word, but appreciate you pointing out that your opinion of Blanche Lincoln differs from the President's. The President has expressed his opinion, I guess, but he does have a real job that requires it (and some standing). 

    The real point is that Blanche may win elections, and if she does so fairly, then there is nothing whatsoever unfortunate in that, even if it makes you sad (and the President Happy) because it is the fact of a fair election that is fortunate, after all, not a single individual's pleasure in the outcome.

    For too many Americans, an outcome that they don't like is not considered an alternative outcome, but something much worse - usually characterized as an epic failure on the part of their fellow citizens that will jeopardize the entire future of the human race.


  • by your use of the word 'unfortunate'.

    Unfortunately, she seems to have a comfortable lead over Bill Halter. The main question today is whether she will be kept under 50 percent of the vote, forcing a runoff election. Also unfortunately, Congressman John Boozman, the strongest potential Republican candidate, looks set to win the GOP primary easily.

    Is it unfortunate that your choice might be trumped by the actual voters whose choice ostensibly matters in these races, namely citizens of Ohio? I find your word choice odd and quite frankly, patronizing. 

    It's will not be unfortunate, regardless of how it turns out. The results will be what they will be, which is in some way a reflection of the choice of the majority of the people eligible to decide rather than a reflection of your wishes. I like it better that way. Call me old fashioned.

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    Not here, I would argue. As I have relished the victory of 2008 and simultaneously encouraged others to do the same because "these are the good old days", I have been called a 'fan boy' by a large number of doom-sayers who have been extremely depressed about inevitable future political swings. Opinions can turn, but not here. The opinion here is Democrats fail. That never changes.

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    Politics, like baseball, is a spectator sport. Everybody's answer is "Fire the Manager", everyone's convinced they're smarter than the coaches, and it's obvious to the most casual observer that the star players are overpaid slackers.

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    Specter's remarkable record of survival:

    He's got skills.


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    ....Because I read the email that the President sent me about the appointment, and that was all the homework I needed to do. Which, ironically, is also all the homework many of her detractors on the Left needed to do.

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     Isn't happy hour the best invention, ever?

  • Don't forget your tinfoil hat.

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    Thanks! Looks like Obama's (and Reids's, and Pelosi's) failures, especially on HCR have had exactly the effect you all predicted - that the Democrats have and will lose big in the mid-terms and probably in 2012 as well. Had they only been more progressive and acted more like the Republicans have when they owned the majority and the White House, then we'd already be celebrating the end to the Wars, the end of DADT, we'd have universal single payer Health Care with Fedral funding of abortion. We might have had Laurence Tribe on the SCOTUS, and HUGE VICTORIES in the elections for the foreseeable future.

    It seems so obvious, now.

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    Obama rocks.




  • A little off-topic, I've had recent surgery but my travel schedule is still an unavoidable requirement. I really need a manservant to 'lift my luggage' and do other chores. Are you available, Kent? I feel drawn to you, somehow, when I red your comments. Kismet?

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    but I bet I could guess

  • oops


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