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    He says that he will make BP pay.

    Obama said he'd make BP put 20 billion in escrow. They did.

    Does anyone really believe that?

    He DID NOT say that he would make you believe it. But, since you asked, I believe the facts.

    How come he did not use this to call out the senate for not increasing the liability cap? 

    Because he already did that.

    "The president supports removing caps on liability for oil companies engaged in offshore drilling," said spokesman Ben LaBolt. "Oil companies should have every incentive to maximize safety and arbitrary caps on liability create a disincentive to achieve that goal."

    The statement was the most detailed the administration has offered to date with respect to the debate surrounding BP's liability. And it reflects a growing sentiment within the White House that more aggressive action (if not optics) need to be in place to stem the fallout of the Gulf crisis. Several weeks ago, U.S. Associate Attorney General Tom Perrelli made the case for an unlimited cap without formally endorsing the policy.




    As for the rest of your unresearched diatribe, it's just more Obama bashing you pulled out of your ass.




  • Good work!

  •  A discussion the relative merits of Nevada's vs Georgia's politics is most like a discussion of the relative merits of being a Star Wars junkie vs being a Star Trek junkie. The answer is not "Carbonite", it's "Who gives a shit?".

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    'Pro-war Democrats are lucky that they are part of a duopoly that's duping the public with these deficit-growth wars.'

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    scheduled Congressional hearings to get to the bottom of this?

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    Senator Harry Reid (D)

    Serving as the Democratic Leader in the U.S. Senate, Senator Harry Reid has represented the State of Nevada on Capitol Hill for more than 20 years. Find out more.

    Senator John Ensign (R)

    The junior Senator from Nevada, Senator John Ensign was a veterinarian and Congressman before being elected to the U.S. Senate in 2000. He serves on the Budget; Commerce, Science, and Transportation; Finance; and Rules & Administration Committees.

    Representative Shelley Berkley (D)

    Representing Nevada's First Congressional District, including the cities of Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas, as well as unincorporated areas in Clark County, Congresswoman Shelley Berkley faces the daunting task of serving the interests of the nation's fastest growing population. Elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in November 1998, Congresswoman Berkley serves on House Committees on Ways& Means and Veterans Affairs.

    Representative Dean Heller (R)

    In November of 2006, Dean Heller was elected as Nevada's representative of the Second Congressional District. The Second District includes sixteen of Nevada's seventeen counties in their entirety, and portions of Clark County in southern Nevada. Congressman Heller serves on House Committees on Small Business, and Education and Labor.

    Representative Dina Titus (D)

    In November of 2008, Dina Titus was elected as Nevada’s representative of the Third District. The Third District is located entirely within Clark County and ranges from areas of Las Vegas, to suburbs of Henderson, Lake Mead and Red Rock Canyon. Congresswoman Titus serves on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee as well as the Committee on Education and Labor.


    If Nevada voters toss Harry, they lose serious power in Washington. Will they be so stupid???

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    was not a doofus, since he recognized his 'victory' defeating the Romans at Asculum in 279 BC during the Pyrrhic War for what it was, and for what it meant:

    'Another such victory and I am undone.'

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    and the bar-b-cue chicken, if you are right. I can't see how Arkansas would be a sliver more likely to elect a more liberal Democrat over a less liberal Democrat, so we'll see what happens but must agree that neither of us can say for sure what might have happened if the Primary ended differently.  (I enjoy being schooled about unions and the military here, since I have proudly been a member of both. And when I say I'm a Democrat, I say it without shame or equivocation.)

    If we lose the seat, we lose, as I see it. Why keep trashing Lincoln unless that is your goal? She's the only Democrat in the race, and no matter how much you dislike her, a Republican is a worse outcome - if you are a Democrat or even a Progressive without a Party label.

    don't be a doofus

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     The monumental effort to punish/defeat Blanche Lincoln may not have failed/succeeded (whatever) just yet. It remains to be seen if the damage you are celebrating will result in a Rpublican victory in November.

    You all still may get to do that ITYS dance, and in a much more convincing manner.

    bizarro politics....

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     her victory strengthens her hand in the Conference Committee so she can make sure the Senate language (her Amendment) to regulate derivatives trumps Barney Frank's House version which would leave derivatives unregulated.

     As for the General Elaction, I would just point out that Lincoln is now the only option to a Republican... trashing her further is childishly stupid and completely counter-productive. So I expect plenty from this crowd.

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    Blog HARDER!!!!

  • posting to see if MyDD is broken, or just dead.

  • That info's gonna come in real handy. We should all get together before the final game, have a few martinis, and refight the 2008 Primary (but with fists and bricks this time).


  •  You've sunk to a new low, La, something I would have thought impossible given your history. 

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     The proper thing to do at this juncture is to drop the facade and release the secret time travel technology which the Air Force recovered from the crashed UFOs. Not some crazy idea like nuking the oil hole, which failed miserably in 2037 under the terrible Muslamic regime of Obama the Sixth.


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