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    Oh, goody.

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    Oh, goody!

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    Oh, goody.

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    Oh! So THAT'S why 60 is important!
     Now I get it....
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    This a been a pure delight. Thank you all. I'm really learning alot from the debate, but I think some people are getting a little bit more testy than is warranted.

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    I enjoyed this diary and all the fine comments. It was very educational.

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     Despite the mildly angry tone of some of the comments, I think this is a very good and balanced discussion of Obama's constantly changing opinions on almost every area of policy important to Democrats. It seems pretty clear that we don't have a clue who this guy really is. I'd like to thank everyone who contributed. I found it very educational.

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    I think it's terrible that Obama wants to make women go through the trauma of childbirth even if ultrasound tests show that the baby has anencephaly. I didn't know that...

    That's just horrible!

    Why isn't the press covering this?

  • That picture of Rod Taylor is from when he was Obama's age. This is Rod at McCain's age:

    Smokin' HOT!

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    A lot can happen between now and November. A whole lot.

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    Some harsh reality.

    Obama has a real hurdle to jump on this issue. McCain owns it! He needs to stay as far away from Pro-Life issues as possible or he will completely alienate a big group of voters. Remember how the Bush campaign started rumors about McCain's illegitimate black child and ended McCain's run in 2000? Here's the real story:

    I mentioned a recent South Carolina advertisement about McCain's pro-life voting record. As good as that record is, the ad contained still more powerful evidence of his pro-life convictions. This part of the ad shows Cindy McCain walking beside a diminutive Catholic nun. Mrs. McCain is holding an infant in her arms. It is (the ad text says) "little Bridget, a baby she and John adopted in 1993 from Mother Teresa's orphanage in Bangladesh. Bridget has been a great blessing to the McCain family."

    Indeed she has. But there is a little more to the story than is there told. For one thing, there were two babies. Mrs. McCain brought home a second infant from the same orphanage. That baby became the adopted child of the McCain's best friends. Second, Mrs. McCain did not go to the orphanage in order to adopt. While she was touring the facility, Mother Teresa unexpectedly said to her (in so many words): "If you do not take those two babies with you, now, they could die right here. But you can save them." Cindy McCain did.

    I believe that there is a profound lesson here about what it means to be pro-life, a lesson which goes beyond the important (but obvious) fact that the McCains live by the same principles which lie behind John's voting record. "Little Bridget" was not sought out by the McCains. She was not expected or planned for. She was an unanticipated gift whom the McCains welcomed, not because she was antecedently "wanted" by them, but because she was a baby, a unique and unrepeatable human being with a right to life because she is a human being and not because some other people's plans include her -- or don't.

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     I salute you sir. You are a Great American.

  • I don't think that 'fair and square' is how most Americans see it. More like a travisty! A battle was fought, and a lot of people voted for a man who said things to trick them. But now the truth is coming out and the war will be won, but only if the cheating is stopped and a roll call vote is taken at the convention. Why is Obama afraid of a roll call vote?

  •  Anyone who looked into her eyes could tell what was really in her heart. Why are you being mean to me? You don't know the future. There still is time to correct this terrible mistake!

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     I'm new here, so please forgive me if I make a mistake. It seems to me that the nomination process is not over, and I here reports that Senator Obama has already decided to give his acceptance speech in a football stadium.
     It seems to me that he doesn't even have something to accept yet, but he's spending money to book a 75,000 seat stadium to accept it? That is the height of arrogance. I just hope he'll be gracious enough to allow the ultimate victor to use the stadium for her acceptance speech.
     The news of the last week has given us all ample evidence that Obama is unfit for the office of President. He has reversed himself at least a dozen times on issues of critical importance to all Americans, not just Democrats. It will become increasingly obvious to the delegates that not only is this mistake obvious, but there is still time to correct it.
     A majority of Democrats either know this already or are very uneasy and are about to realize the truth.
     I admire the stalwarts who have put principle over Party, and are in the front lines fighting for the only candidate who can win against the GOP machine in November.
     I hope I will be welcome here. It seems that there are good Democrats here who belong to the heroic defenders of the Party's true values.


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