The brilliance of Dracomicron

I was so overwhelmed by the sheer genius of one of our fellow travelers here on MyDD that I wanted to share it with everyone. The following is from a back and forth in a different diary, I've edited it down to make it read seamlessly. I did not have the permission of Dracomicron, and if (s)he objects, i will gladly take this down.
(The topic is clear in the reading.)

[T]he bill currently has the public option [and thus] cost containment.

[I]f Obama were to veto the bill because there's a public option, and I were to somehow defend that as a victory for progressives, then [I'd be wrong].  He's not going to do that, and I wouldn't do that, so the point is moot.

Obama has laid out what he wanted to see in the final bill.  He was willing to accept less if it decreased the risk of failure, which is understandable, because a failure here would undermine his delicate success ratio.

Reid, who is the majority leader despite being a sucking void of charisma, almost has to have his numbers in order, and the behind-the-scenes weight to put down opposition in his own caucus.  He also knows that he's going to be facing a tough re-election campaign next year.  He put the effort in and informed the President that he could do him one better, that he [the President] should chill out, because they have the votes to get a better result.  

The President differed [with] his Majority Leader's assessment of the state of the legislative branch, because that's how politics is supposed to work. [They were having a discussion.]

To suggest that somehow Obama was working at odds with Reid when he was simply acknowledging that a somewhat less-than-optimal bill would still be acceptable as a starting point for later reform is [plain silly].

There was a fantastic episode of Futurama years ago, where Bender meets a galactic computer that might be God.  At the end of the episode, everything works out for the best, and the computer says, "If you've done it right, people won't know you've done anything at all." The same applies here.  Logic dictates that Obama was involved with the process, since he's been involved with the process from the start.  While he might not be Lyndon Johnsoning the hell out of the Legislative branch, the current apparent success suggests that whatever he was doing, whether that be making deals or simply giving the Congress room to grow up and do their jobs, is working.

       A) Obama has been in the corner of the public option since before he was president.  It is implausible that he would turn against it now, not to mention unsupported by any evidence.

       B) Obama has clearly and publicly supported this kind of reform, most blatantly in his nationally televised speech to a joint session of Congress.

       C) Obama has had congressional leadership in closed meetings.

       D) Obama has a Chief of Staff who is a tough ex-legislator and a notorious strongarm.

       E) None of this would even be possible were Obama not elected president, and it was one of his campaign promises.  Obama is clearly an ambitious politician who knows what his self-interest is.

       Now, I never claimed that Obama did this all by himself.  If you think that's what Obama supporters believe, then you're way off base.  Part of Obama's appeal is that he's actually a leader instead of simply an authority, and part of leadership is getting people to do their jobs.

       ... Reid hasn't exactly been the paragon of fighters or obvious leadership.  I'd say that there's definitely an overflow effect, owing partially (not entirely, of course) to Obama's leadership.
 The world is a complicated place, and you can't always point at the cumulation of years of work and say it happened for one reason and one reason only.  Wise people know that it's usually a combination of factors.

I never said that his public words were "proof." I said that they were "supporting evidence" that he was pro-public option.  "Evidence" is the thing that leads to "proof." It's the accumulation of evidence that makes a juror decide whether or not the case is proven or not.
 In this case, I believe the burden of proof has been satisfied.  

I'm not just impressed with Dracomicron, I'm jealous.

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Isn't it against the rules to call out another poster, for any reason?

I mean, I'm flattered and everything, but I don't want you to get into trouble over little old me. :)

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Re: Say the word

I'll take it down. But read it for yourself. I really like it as a diary.

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Nah, it's alright

I don't think anyone really cares if it's not a big fight about Alegre or TexasDarlin.

Haven't really had the energy or inclination to write up my own blog lately, between my personal life and trip to Florida.

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