Click Here to Tell Congress: No Blank Checks!!

We MUST convince congressional leaders to stand strong in opposition to any blank check for the Bush administration to bail out Wall Street!Progressive Future has a great online action that allows you to send an email directly to Pelosi telling her that, if we are going to hand over $700 billion, we need to demand: 1) better oversight and regulation of financial markets; 2) help for the people who are struggling to stay in their homes; and 3) no "golden parachutes" for the CEOs of failed corporations that benefit from the bailout. You can find the email action here - it's quick and simple.
Please sign it today. Don't let them push this massive, historic bailout through without the consideration it deserves and the changes that must be made to safeguard the interests of the American people.

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How 'bout NO CHECKS!!

Giving money to rich Wall Street investors and executives is an ant-solution. Accurate pricing of their assets means those firms should go bankrupt. Preventing that is not the way to aid the real economy, and the execs and investors will just take that $1 trillion and largely send it to more profitable and safer opportunities than the U.S.

We need instead to forcibly and directly and efficiently boost the economy (and credit, and consumption) through a massive (on the scale of the bailout) infrastructuring project for the 21st global warming century.

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Re: How 'bout NO CHECKS!!

and I'll buy stock in the companies that get the contracts....

Win / Win

by QTG 2008-09-23 02:10PM | 0 recs
THEY showed no mercy - NO CHECKS AT ALL..

The whole 'bailout' stinks to high heaven..

Its an insult to the hundreds of thousands or even millions of taxpayers who they have foreclosed on.

They showed no mercy.. They lobbied the Bush administration against laws that would have made it possible for people to re-negotiate the terms of overdue mortgage loans..

No checks for sleazy mortgage buying of toxic debt..

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What the hell is wrong with you?

You think this is a democracy???

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games playing with recommended diary list

My very recent diary with five rex was at top of list a minute ago but now has been disappeared. This honorable diary has three rex and is now at the top.

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There are two things to consider here

  1. They actually were able to predict the situation but just delayed the solution due to criminal negligence.
  2. THey had no clue.

Under either scenario, I would not be able to trust these same experts to come up with a solution that they were unable to either predict or come up with a proactive solution.

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Re: Click Here to Tell Congress: No Blank Checks!!

My only regret is that I have but one click.....

I feel that I have done something meaningful today, and just in time.

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the only way I would sign this petition is...

...if a few more points are added.

1) The 700 billion must be revised and must be justified item by item.  They have to present the American people with the justification as to why this amount is needed.

2) If we are to pay for this bail out (or buy this debt), we MUST profit from it. Tax payers sheould be rewarded for investing too, so any profit that comes from these firms must be distributed to the public until the debt is paid off and then some!

3) I do not trust the 'regulators' themselves.  So, my suggestion would be, give them some of the approved amount now and make the oversight be done by an independent committee similar to the GOA, not the looters themselves. And when Obama is president, return the oversight back to the Fed government.

4) Investigate and prosecute all the players who led us to this crisis, inculing Paulson.

Otherwise, NO FREE MONEY!  

by ETHIOLIB 2008-09-24 07:12AM | 0 recs
Money and Assistance Where It Belongs

We have carried two mortgages for over a year because we can't sell our home thanks to a registered sex offender living nearby! I have scraped pennies off the ground to keep from losing the house to foreclosure. My family is struggling & upsidedown every month.

Our gov has not once offered to help my family in light of the fallout of the public sex offender registry and its effects on innocent home owners who lived there before the offender moved in. And now our gov wants to impose an immense tax on me to fix the bad decisions of others!! NO, NO, NO!

Our country fled this sort of hysterical taxing.. we exist because the people were fed up with the taxation. Maybe we need to start a new America; we've forgotten how we began.


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