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    Enthusiastically recommended.  You're a class act all the way, Angry Mouse.


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    ...an alien outlook to me.  The community service background was one of the things that really made me look more thoroughly into Obama.  I was thinking "finally, somebody who thinks at least a little bit like us."

    The idea of making a pejorative out of that, done by people who frankly have seen very little of the things in this world for which we need community organizers, is contemptuous and contemptible.


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    I have a propensity toward massive hyperbole when talking about a film I love.

    I, for one, approve.  But then I share your particular sickness, I'm afraid....  :-)


  • Mmm hmmm.

    And which states do you not count to get your jury-rigged popular vote that HRC "won"?

    Do you even know?


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    Are you sure you checked the expiration date first?

  • And here I was, chiding myself for wasting my time by even clicking on this diary, and then you had to go and make this comment to make it worth my while.  Hmph.  :-)


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    What I loved most, I think, about Carlin was the way he played with language:  like it was the coolest toy he had ever discovered.  One of the finest examples of this came late in his career in one of his finest routines, "A Modern Man":

  • I only regret that I have but one Rec to give for your Kool-Aid.  Too funny, sricki.

    What can I say?  I'm an Obaman with a twisted sense of humor.

    OTOH, if there's something that you actually consider consider to be a funny pic of Hillary, that alone qualifies it as something likely to be genuinely amusing, so if you've got one, please do!  :-)


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    Thank you speaking your (and my) secret obsession!  Is there a support group for us?  There really ought to be.

    Funny thing is, Frau Witness isn't bothered at all by my crush on Michelle Obama.  Now, my crush on KT Tunstall, on the other hand....  :-)


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    Your list may not be comprehensive, but it includes Shirley Chisholm, a truly heroic woman.  That's enough for me.

    Enthusiastically recommended.


  • ...this isn't the comments you're asking Student Guy for, but here's a Google cache of a since-scrubbed diary, where the diarist in question has a blogroll link to Larry Sinclair's blog, listed as "my favorite Obama troublemaker." e-CD09L4J:texasdarlin.wordpress.com/2008 04/04/notes-from-an-ordinary-day+%22my +favorite+obama+troublemaker%22&hl=e n&ct=clnk&cd=2&gl=us

    Again, for whatever that's worth.


  • I don't see where it's even possible for me to have mistaken anything for congressional campaigning in my comment, since nowhere in it did I even mention congressional races, and did not have them in mind when writing it.  But then it seems that you missed pretty much all of the content and nuance in what I wrote.

    Evidently you think you know my own state better than I do--based on what isn't entirely clear.  Good luck with that.  We're not the knuckle-dragging neanderthals you think we are.  I'm a fourth-generation Dakotan two different ways on my Mom's side, and have been an observer or participant in South Dakota politics most of my adult life.  And I've never seen a mood among SD Democrats like I'm seeing this year.  I also keep hearing from Republicans (and Independents who voted previously for Bush) that they're fed up and going to vote for Obama.

    Now granted, a lot can change between now and November, and it probably won't be enough to give Obama our electoral votes, as I have already said, though you seem to have missed that bit.  But it will be enough to put a scare into the 'Pubs and make them burn resources here that they need elsewhere, and it might actually be enough in North Dakota.  We're pretty darned similar, but despite outside perceptions of such, we aren't simply interchangable.


  • You clearly don't know anything about the Dakotas.  Obama polls an average of only 4% behind MCain in ND, and about 8% behind here in SD, where Obama hasn't even set foot in the state until today.  As for abortion and gay rights guaranteeing a McCain win, think again.  The voters of this state repealed a draconian abortion ban at the ballot box in 2006, and an anti-gay-marriage amendment on the same ballot passed with only a slim 52% of the vote.  People in the mainline churches who had never been activists before got organized and involved in a major way, and very nearly succeeeded.  Next time that fight comes up, or the next time after it, we will win.

    The pro-lifers have an abortion ban on the ballot again this year, so progressive forces in SD will be out in force more than ever before come November.

    Now, in my heart of hearts, I know Obama winning my state is against the odds (less so, I think, for ND).  But he'll be able to make McCain fight for it (and other states like it), and along the way may help us a) defeat the abortion ban and b) gain a majority in the State Senate with ample gains in the State House.

    The 50-state strategy isn't about believing we can suddenly win a ton of previously red states--it's primarily about party-building, so that in the future those states will be less red, but it's also about forcing the Republicans to spend resources where they thought they wouldn't have to, thus drawing already-dwindling Republican resources away from the more "swingy" of the swing states.

    I think most people forget--if they ever knew--that for the first four decades of the 20th century, the Dakotas were solidly Progressive.  But out here on the prairies, we don't forget.



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