Video: Joe Garcia Wows South Florida in Announcement Rally for Congress

The excitement is building all over South Florida. Mario Diaz-Balart will have his first tough challenge in the 25th congressional district (PVI R+4) of Florida in Miami-Dade Dem Chairman Joe Garcia. Diaz-Balart hand-drew the district for himself in 2000, but since that time, Democrats have averaged a gain of a point a year, which would put the district very close to a tie right now. With 2008 looking to be another wave year, now is the right time to turn this seat blue and put a progressive in Congress.

Garcia appeared at a couple rallies yesterday to announce his candidacy. The first event was in Miami and a very enthusiastic crowd of 75+ people turned out.

As you could hear at the end of the video, Republicans are already spending money on the race and appear very scared about losing their seats.

I was at the event myself and it was terrific to see so much excitement in an area that has seen few competitive races in the past. Now this year, we will see three strong challenges and I believe we can win all of them, but I will be watching this race most of all because of Joe's candidacy. We need progressive leaders in Congress who will show some courage and will say like Joe has, "Support our troops by bringing them home."

This is going to be a fun race in South Florida for the voters of the district and for the netroots and hopefully will be very rewarding in the end.

The campaign has also just launched its official website, which you can check out here.

For now, the Draft Garcia page will continue.

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Video Embedding?

How exactly do I embed the video?

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Re: Video Embedding?

Go back into your diary (by clicking "edit") and add the embed code. It only works, evidently, if you add the code as an edition to your original post--for reasons I don't even began to understand.

I hope that's clear enough.

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Re: Video Embedding?

Thanks, got it to work.

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