FL-25: Joe Garcia FISA Statement

Joe Garcia reiterated his opposition to the FISA bill yesterday:

The laws that were created under FISA were sufficient to meet our country?s national security needs. What the Bush administration has done, again, is present Americans with a false choice between national security and civil liberties, while this bill increases neither. I oppose any broad retroactive immunity provided to companies who may have broken the law. The legal purpose of immunity is to use the protection granted by such immunity as an inducement to divulge information about what occurred.  Immunity in this case would do the opposite: it would shut down any investigation into what actually occurred.

Six of nine congressional Democrats in very blue districts in Florida supported the bill. If you would like to reward Joe Garcia for his courage, help him out on ActBlue with the end of the quarter just days away. The road to more and better Democrats means helping elect them in close elections like this one. Coming from a Cuban American family, Joe strongly supports civil liberties and would speak up to defend these principles in Congress.

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