FL-25 Blog-Raiser: Mario's Big Day

Today Bush and his 25% approval ratings come to South Florida to raise money for one of his favorite rubberstamps, Mario Diaz-Balart. Of course Bush will not be doing this event out in the open or anywhere near media or the people his and Mario's policies have hurt over the last eight years. Instead, the fundraiser with top oil executives will be far away from the district in Naples.

Joe Garcia needs us in the Netroots to respond to Bush's $2300 per person fundraising with strength in numbers.

Why is it important to make a stand now with Joe Garcia?

- Universal health care coverage for all Americans

- An energy policy that moves America toward alternative sources

- A Responsible to get of Iraq

- A Public financing system of elections and clean ethics reform

- A Congressman representing the Everglades who actually cares about the environment and leaving the next generation the same America that we were born into.

- A new Cuba policy that ends the Bush/Diaz-Balart restrictions on travel and family remittances to the island.

This race is crucial because Mario Diaz-Balart has sided with Bush on the most important issues. He's voted for the Iraq War 100% of the time, he voted against SCHIP, and he voted against the GI Bill. Mario did a 180 on oil drilling and a 180 on Everglades Restoration, changing his positions to give in to the Bush/McCain stances on those issues. Mario has also gone to typical slash and burn Republican tactics in this race, calling Joe and us in the Netroots communists among other name-calling.

We can put an end to it all by joining with Joe Garcia to take back South Florida and put a progressive leader in Congress. The Conservative Cook Political Report just changed their rating on this race from Safe to Likely Republican, meaning they think this will be one of the top fought after races in the nation. And it will be if Joe has the support to fight back against Mario's coming attacks.

We can start fighting back the Bush fundraising and Bush rubberstamping right now.

Let's Give in to Garcia and bring change to South Florida.

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