Dem Candidate Joe Garcia Bulldozes Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart

With Fidel Castro resigning, potentially one of the top races in the country for 2008 has been highlighted in the 25th district of South Florida. This race particularly offers a chance to change the landscape on American foreign and domestic policy to a progressive direction and send the signal that the people want something new.

Here in this cartoon via the El Nuevo Herald, Democratic candidate and former Miami-Dade Dem Chair Joe Garcia bulldozes over Rep Mario Diaz-Balart.


Times are changing in this diverse and environmentally important district, which stands at PVI R+4. Democratic and Independent registration is on the rise, while Republican registration is on the decline. Kerry performed better than Gore and the 2006 elections showed further better performance by Democrats. In the Naples region of the district, Democrats are gaining on average 2 points an election over the past 20 years. Getting out of Iraq and paying for health care costs have become the dinner-table or dormitory-room (FIU is in the district) [ 105055/065/411/370804 issues] in the district. No longer is Cuba the central talking point, though still it ranks 3rd on voters' concerns in the region, particularly among the Cuban-American electorate.

Upon the resignation of Fidel castro, Garcia made it clear he wants an end to the demagoguery on the Cuba issue and he wants the US to take a new direction on policies.

"We are witnessing the beginning of the end of one of the most oppressive regimes in history. Despite the symbolism of this morning's events, the world community should remain cautiously optimistic and accept nothing less than the absolute freedom of the Cuban people. The transfer of power between brothers is not change, it is nepotism. The Bush administration should act immediately with an effective foreign policy that leads to real change in Cuba, not just empty rhetoric. To help advance democracy we need to allow for the reunification of Cuban families and the direct sending of remittances to the island's brave dissidents".

"The cause of freedom for the Cuban people should serve to unite South Florida."

Of course Joe has always stood up against the demagogury by Republicans on this issue. In this ad "Decades," he takes on the Republican fear machine and says "enough is enough."

The 2008 elections will offer progressive Democrats a chance to send the message that we want change on all aspects of the tired ways of foreign policy insiders and lobbyists setting the agenda. What better way to send that message than taking one of the districts that has been at the heart of Republican demagoguery for years?

Help make this goal happen by donating to the campaign. A page has just been launched today on ActBlue, so help get it going to a strong start by throwing Joe some coin.

Also, visit the official campaign website.

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Joe Garcia

Can we do it? Can we bring progressive change to this South Florida district?

Help by contributing today. rage

by Progressive America 2008-02-23 04:58PM | 0 recs
Re: Dem Candidate Joe Garcia

Finally, a diary that focuses on the most important part of the 2008 elections, the House races.  I think we have a good shot in FL-18, FL-21, and FL-25.  

by Toddwell 2008-02-23 05:05PM | 0 recs
Re: Dem Candidate Joe Garcia

I agree, we could sweep all of these races in November. They're all only slightly Republican and all turning more Democratic. These are the kind of districts we can take in a wave year.

by Progressive America 2008-02-23 05:22PM | 0 recs


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