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    equality.  When you focus solely on the numbers, you reduce an important issue into mindless bean-counting.  

    To illustrate this point, would you be happy with 50% female representation in Congress if all the female senators and representatives were conservative republicans and anti-choice?  

    What's more important than merely showing the disparities between women in politics and the female general population is to provide substantive arguments explaining why it's good for democracy and gender equality to increase female representation in the political process.  Is it about increasing opportunities and access?  Is it about just making sure that women get a fair piece of the political pie?  Is it about changing the culture of male-dominated politics and political discourse?  Is it about ensuring the passage of more progressive policies?  

  • I can see Chambliss consolidating the Republican vote, but, I can't see independents going so strongly for him.  

    Of course, the question is who's going to turn out, but, I think the wild card factor is low republican morale and the high approval rate for Obama.  Pundits are wondering if blacks are going to turn out, but I'd wonder if republicans are going turn out.  

  • in the first place.  The republican choice to pick Palin was misogynist, sexist, cynical, manipulative, and ultimately terrifying, given the breadth and scope of her fringe-radical McCarthyist political views, corruption, incoherence,  ignorance, and incompetence.  

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    "We thought we were past all this stuff and we weren't. We weren't surprised about the degree of racism or lack of it or whatever, that was endlessly examined. We did not examine the fact that we didn't get, we haven't gotten nearly as far ahead as we thought we were about equality between the sexes. And that ought to be revisited as a result of what happened."


    That quote is B.S.  Why do people need to talk about the problem of sexism by diminishing the problem of racism?  

    Oh, yeah, we ALL expected republicans to think of the democratic nominee as a terrorist who deserved to be killed.  Totally expected.  

  • Obama must put Dennis Kucinich in his cabinet!

  • Since when did Bill Clinton become Obama's SOS pick?  What happened to Hillary?  

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    Nice diary, Jerome.  Kudos.  Many people wouldn't write a diary acknowledging one's earlier off-the-mark assessments and predictions.  Good call on the senate and house races, though.

  • as well, especially since he's the one who's supposed to mentor Obama on foreign policy issues.

    You and the diarist have me convinced.  I want my money back from Nobama.  Hell, I still haven't received the t-shirt I was supposed to get for making a contribution.  

    I say Congress should move to preemptively impeach Obama.  

  • And, here's the kicker - because Hillary is such a lousy SOS pick, it proves what Hillary said about Obama during the primary - that he lacks the experience and judgment to make foreign policy decisions.

    I'm sure the PUMAs are all over this argument, and will be out in force soon bragging that they were right about Obama all along, and his pick of Hillary is proof that Obama knows crap about foreign policy.

    Brilliant diary.

  • Hitchens seems like a Clinton hater, but my point is that he's not a democrat, and barely part of the MSM.  

    I don't buy the notion of Clinton Derangement syndrome infecting many in the MSM.  The only two who could be accused of being Clinton haters are Hitchens and Sullivan, both of whom are British and are not democrats.

    Are the MSM obsessed with covering the Clintons?  Yes.  But that's because they are, for lack of a better term, "drama queens," and therefore make for good tabloid journalism.  

    I mean, just compare Obama's 60 Minutes interview with Bill Clinton's Meet the Press interview.  Obama's interview - BORING.  The guy was so presidential, reasonable, and calm, that the only thing he said that registered any bit of controversy was his stance on college football playoffs.  

    When Bill Clinton went on MTP?  Fireworks.  When he went on David Letterman?  More fireworks, as Chris Rock came on right after Bill and lambasted him for not mentioning Obama's name.

    Right now, I do think the MSM are trying to stoke up controversy, but I see it as mostly about ratings, not Clinton-hate.  

  • Hitchens is a "maverick" journalist who supported Bush's Iraq War.  He's supposedly a socialist, yet he's a fellow at the conservative Hoover Institute.  And he's a long time Clinton-basher.  

    Maybe it's a British thing, but Hitchens certainly is not a good example to try to illustrate supposed MSM hate of the Clintons.  

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    Back in June, I observed that political machinations reverted into the oldest stereotypes - namely that  women should ONLY be depicted as wives or mothers. Unfortunately now that the transition is in place it would appear that we are headed back in that direction with Michelle Obama's recent visit to the White House with Laura Bush.
    ============== ==

    I think you're right.  Michelle is rejecting the HRC first lady model and embracing Laura Bush's "speak softly and stand by my man" first lady model.  How disappointing.  If she continues to play the traditional supportive wife role as first lady, she could end up being a disappointing role model to young girls who need a younger generation high profile female political leader for them to look up to and emulate.  

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    Here might be the real problem with Palin - she's actually quite dull.  She's captivating only when spewing incendiary hate or saying something outrageously ignorant.  

    You need an interviewer willing to ask follow-up questions of Palin.  That's when the fireworks go off.  

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    He knows he can't join the Republican caucus if he doesn't want his CT constituents rising up in revolt.  Plus, becoming a Republican at this time is sort of like getting traded from the New York Yankees to the worst team in the major leagues, the Washington Nationals.  

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