• If you translate the idea of putting Napolitano or Sebelius on the ticket as akin to saying "here's a girl, happy now?" you are indeed a poorly informed person.  Are you seriously suggesting that only HRC can provide competent leadership and be a woman at the same time?? Do you clowns even realize how you sound?

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    These comments are reaffirming for me - MYDD is coming back from the Twilight Zone finally.  As for this diary, the amazing fucking arrogance of these people still astounds. Napolitano, Sebelius, etc. not quite good enough - only HRC can carry the banner for women? Stunning idiocy.

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    How about a moratorium on apologies until HRC apologizes for bullshit, George Wallace-like, "hard working white people..." comments - How about an apology for that, not for "if I've offended you.." but a genuine apology for reinforcing the most harmful and unfair stereotype raised by any candidate in this race. How about an apology to our African American friends and neighbors? Until we get that, any apology by Saint or anyone else is premature and uncalled for.  Hardcore race-baiting by a Democratic candidate is simply unacceptable. No VP, ever.  She needs a primary challenge in NY....

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    this shit is weird people.  

  • Thanks for sharing - this is really interesting! But you forgot to add "WAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" to your sniveling comments....

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    Linda, take a breath. She isn't conceding - we don't expect her to. That would take class and insight and strength of character, and, well, you know. She won't concede, and that's what makes this all the more pathetic. She ought to. She'd look classy. But she won't. And people like you will yell and spit at the teevee...the rest of us are moving on.    

  • scary shit, catfish. Not sure what you're even talking about. If we twist the rules so that the loser wins, that benefits my daughter how?

  • Brad's point is refreshing in its optimism and faith in the ability of people to reason. Unfortunately, that's not what this is about. And it's certainly not about democracy - there is nothing democratic about throwing out the rules mid-game. This diarist is trafficking in the world of Milosevic and Mugabe, not Madison and Hamilton.  This is end-results-driven game playing, and it's an insult to people who really care about democracy.

  • Not sure how to even begin responding to this beauty.  Someone should clue in this drooler that "making racial history" - whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean - is not the point.

    The only point of agreement we may share is that this may well lead to a crisis in the Democratic Party.  Progressives can go in one direction, people like this diarist who are scared of all things "urban", can go another.

  • "phoney baloney put-up job?" Since when does Barney Fife do political commentary? Who is this clown?

    ("Listen here Andy, I'm not puttin' up with no phoney-baloney put-up job like this bozo, not for one minute - and you won't either, if you know what's good for ya!")

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    Thanks for the condescension, Sandeep. We'll keep our chins up, just for you, and those downticket dems that really deserve it.  

    The idea that someone goes to MYDD for substantive discussion is a joke...this place became a toilet long ago, when the Clinton fetishists highjacked the place. It stinks of smug racism and idiocy.  

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    yeaaaaah ok.

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    that's adorable. I wish I had that much time on my hands. If it was funny, it would be REALLY cool!

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    Wrong, wrong, and...wrong. No overall positive approvals, chippy. Gotta be fucking kidding. You can't have 50 plus negative ratings on core issues like "honesty" and be considered in good shape.  Ahead in popular vote is of course a campaign-sanctioned lie, but you don't need to repeat to prove what a hack you are. And I thought she might be VP, til the whole political murder thing came up. Bummer.

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    You know, it often in fact IS about Obama...take this election, for instance. He's winning.  He's going to be the nominee. It is mostly about him. Not about semi-literate losers, say, like you.  The fact that you have a thing for Hillary is really important to you, irrelevant to the rest of us.  Change your name to "Democratic Voter" and you'll earn back an ounce of respect.  Otherwise, you're just one more dumb ass with a keyboard, scared of black people, mad at young people, with an overall shitty attitude.  


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