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    It really means a lot, Paul.

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    I'm suprised every day by the Republican Party. But really, I didn't expect them to choose an honest to god racist to pick court nominees.

    I mean really. Have your spokesmen over the battle to potential confirm what, the third racial minority to the Supreme Court, be a guy who was rejected on a bipartisan vote by that same panel for being a racist.

    I mean, wow.

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    this is exactly what we need. It's a district we can win, the Speaker of the House is from the same district, and the kind of candidate th at we need to support.

    Judd Legum for Delegate: Beacuse who doesn't like Think Progress?

  • You think Ed Fallon's gonna be Whitehouse farmer now? ;)

  • but not a hugely lasting one, beacuse it is based off of a failed ideology. However judicially and economically he clearly shifted the country right-ward for the next 25 or so years.

    Also, I think Washington gets a little too much credit. If you look at total contributions to our country clearly he would be number one, however the challenges he faced as the first president don't come anywhere near to what FDR faced. Similarly I think Jimmy Carter has made great contributions to our nation but he was not a particularly successful president.

    Anyways, here would be my top 10.

    Abraham Lincoln  
    Franklin D. Roosevelt
    George Washington
    Theodore Roosevelt
    Lyndon Johnson
    John F. Kennedy
    Harry S. Truman
    Thomas Jefferson
    Dwight D. Eisenhower
    Woodrow Wilson

    In addition I think Daddy Bush and WJC are rated too low.  

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    appearing on Sunday shows and at fundraisers and campaign events around the country she will be the new chair and will be running the show.

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    any concessions on Jerusalem. Without that a peace deal will never happen.

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    wins at all then it's probably the best chance for a Middle East Peace deal in decades. If she wins convincingly and is able to put together a strong coalition and the Obama administration engages in a major way it could be the best chance ever.

    If Netanyahu wins that's all off the table though.

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    All day shifts tomorow, Sunday and Tuesday and night shift Monday for the Obama / Campaign for Change. We're making sure every Obama supporter votes and also trying to make sure they're voting for Franken, stressing that very heavily.

    I'm too young to vote but have made my family vote absentee.

    I'm working my local turf but I'm hoping Minnesota will send Ashwin Madia and El Tinklenberg to Congress to get our congresspeople one away from being all blue and hoping that we can get 5 more Democratic state reps to form a veto proof majority in both sides of the legislature so we can override anything our Guv tries to pull.

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    Going to be doorknocking all tomorow for the Obama campaign but we're also trying to make sure all of our Obama voters are for Franken as well and that's being stressed very heavily by the entire coordinated campaign. Signed up for another all day shift tomorow as well as Monday night and all day Tuesday.

    Lot's of work to be done in Minnesota. We've got the closest Senate race in the country and I'm hoping we can get a double digits win for Obama as well as electing Franken and also sending Ashwin Madia and El Tinklenberg to Congress to make our congressional delegation 7-1 blue.

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    maybe the R2000 poll had the already voted number at 16 percent. If true that's very high. I think in 2004 it was at like 10. A lot of people are doing absentee. And you can do that up until Monday.

  • By donating to Bachmann.

    And I was just thinking that about Tink.

    In 06 there was a very strong third party candidate and Wetterling ran a bad campaign and her profile (child activist) while admirable doesn't really help as much in that districts as El's (former minister, mayor and transportation guru under a IP Party gov.)

  • but she's actually a member of Congress. So we can do a lot more to silence her hate.

  • Or at least Obama have said that absolutely do not support DOMA and will work to repeal it. He's said that for years on public record dating back to his Senate run.

    Pelosi has said she would support repeal but a lot of Democratic senators don't so I don't know if that's going to be possible, but Obama will sign any bill repealing DOMA and I seriously doubt he'd veto a bill establishing marriage equality if it made it to his desk.

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    I think we are at a historic moment for equality. We've got work to do defeating the three anti-gay ballot initiatives in Florida, Arizona and California and electing a Democratic majority to the NYS Senate so they will take up and pass marriage equality.

    It's possible we could see marriage equality legalized in CA, MA, CT where it already is legal if   we beat back attempts to overturn it. IA where the state Supreme Court will rule late 09 / early 10. NYS if we take back the state senate. New Jersey if we hold our majority in the 2009 state elections and DC if they finally pass it and Congress doesn't overrule it. All by the end of 2010.

    Additionally if we re-elect Democratic governors John Lynch (a safe bet) and Christine Gregoire (a tossup) and elect Gay Symington as Governor of Vermont (a tough one, for some reason the Republican incumbent is popular there) we could see those states upgrade from civil unions to full equality.

    And at the national level we have a chance to elect the most pro-gay president in history who I think would be able to overturn DADT, pass ENDA and hate crimes and MAYBE repeal DOMA.

    Things are looking good for equality. Let's not dwell on buts. Let's get to work.


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