PLEASE VOTE: CNN re: Auto Bailout

CNN's Quick Vote question today:

Should President Bush tap funds from the Wall Street bailout to lend to the auto industry?

Currently, it's about dead even with

Yes: 39,926

No: 40,561

Please vote YES, about 1/3 of the way down on the CNN front page, right hand side, thanks!

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Karl Rove's Final Electoral Map: Obama Victory!!!

Karl Rove's final electoral map for the 2008 election shows a stunning 338 to 200 electoral vote victory for Obama over McCain, the largest margin since 1996.

Rove predicts that Obama WILL WIN Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, and Colorado, ceding only Indiana and N. Carolina to McCain among the most closely watched states.

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BOTH Tampa Bay, Florida newspapers endorse Obama!

I'm not one to write a diary usually, but since I live in a part of Florida considered conservatively Republican, I had to make special mention of a significant event. Today the Saint Petersburg Times endorsed Obama for President! along with the Pensacola News Journal, Daytona Beach News Journal, Bradenton Herald, and Tampa Tribune.

This marks the second time in a row in recent history that the Times has broken with tradition and endorsed the Democratic nominee, Sen. John Kerry being their previous choice.

I'll just provide the opening monologue as it's written in the Sunday paper I received today:

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Newsweek Poll: Hillary wins; Obama ties

May 2008

Clinton 48%

McCain 44%


Obama 46%

McCain 46%


Last month, Obama was beating McCain:

April 2008

Obama 48%  

McCain 44%


Clinton 47%

McCain 43%


Key findings:

* Obama trails McCain 40% to 52% among white voters.      
  Clinton trails McCain 44% to 48% among white voters.

* Obama leads McCain 68% to 25% among nonwhite voters.
  Clinton leads McCain 65% to 25% among nonwhite voters.

The overall results of the poll indicate electoral challenges facing Obama in a year when Democrats generally appear to hold an electoral advantage:

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Quinnipiac Swing State Poll: Clinton wins; Obama does not


Clinton 48% - McCain 41%

McCain 45% - Obama 41%


Clinton 48% - McCain 41%

McCain 44% - Obama 40%  


Clinton 50% - McCain 37%  

Obama 46% - McCain 40%

"The numbers for Florida and Ohio are good news for Sen. John McCain and should be worrisome for Sen. Barack Obama. That is especially true for Ohio, which decided the 2004 election," said Peter A. Brown. aseID=1180

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