NE-03 Big News, It's A Race.

This just showed up in my mailbox:

A new poll conducted by national polling firm Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates September 20-21 shows that the 3rd District congressional race is up for grabs as we enter the last six weeks of the campaign.

When asked who they would vote for "if the election were held today," 41 percent of definite voters said they would vote for Adrian Smith and 37 percent said they would vote for Scott Kleeb. The margin of error for the entire sample is ±4.87%.

Considering the margin of error and the high percentage of undecided voters - this race is most definitely in play.

There are likely a lot of people who don't believe Democrats can compete in Nebraska. Well, I think we are about to prove that wrong.

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Incredible Speech By Feingold Today

Today Russ Feingold laid it all out on the line on the floor of the US Senate.

He stated clearly, and succinctly just what is at stake with the NSA spying scandal.

He states clearly that the President is violating the law and how. He states clearly that he thinks the Congress needs to do something.

This speech needs to be read.

Link to speech

Link to his office e-mail

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Gallup Death Penalty Poll

Since this was my main source for polling information and analysis during the campaign last year I thought this would be an appropriate place to post this.

Gallup Poll Vault
The Death Penalty vs. Life Imprisonment

The numbers are pretty different from most of the recent polls about the death penalty. I can't remember, but the Gallup decide to release their internals? I really don't buy this poll and I thought someone here might be able to help me get a little bit more info on it.


I've been Framed!

Geroge Lakoff is one of the best political writers the progressives have right now. Many people haven't read him and don't know what all this frame stuff is all about. Many people have read him and still seem to have missed the point.

Do not forget that the title of his primary book on the subject of politics is Moral Politics.

He has made an attempt to explain what the conservatives have been doing and how it is they have been successful in defining the political landscape in America. Framing is a tool they have used to do this.

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