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    How can you tell.

    I mean Obama is serving you a big ration of lies and shit and you want more!

    Wow, that's loyalty.

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    What is this 'power' you speak of? So glib. We gotta support Obama no matter what.

    What if Obama was a murderer?


    Must we still support him because he calls himself a 'Democrat'? Because the alternative is McCain.

    I can assure you pal that politicians care about only one thing: The Vote.

    If they do something and you protest but still vote for them.....

    They don't change their ways.

    Why should they?

    By voting for folks, remember all those 'low-info' ReThug voters and similar Independents that have voted 'against their interests...' for the last 40 years, you cut your own throat politically.

    That's you  pal.

    How you like your Reagan soft in the middle or over easy?

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    In case you don't know, and that does seem likely, this is called a 'pander'. A 'discussion' is a two way thing, you dig.

    This is Obama taking a piss and a shit on the Constitution and then whining that there was....

    'Nothing I could do....'

    We'd be speaking Japanese or German or Russian if previous Democrats were like Obama.

    But then he's not a Democrat and neither are all the folks on this thread who are W.O.R.M.ing up a storm for him.

    What you folks are are born slaves. Desperate for someone to tell you what to do.


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    What 'principles' the 'Principal of the Benjamin' is the only kind he understands. Sure taking some people a long time to figure out who he really is.

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    You are delusional.

    Barry will do nadda... nothing as President.

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    I'm good with that just as soon as you explain to me whey 81% of Americans polled on this issue do NOT want the Telcos to get immunity.

    This is the biggest issue of the Bush Presidency; funny you never noticed.

    Must be a netroots thing.

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    Clinton for President, one with balls.

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    Do not hold your breath Jerome. With a good candidate, I mean one who is politically astute, this effort would probably pay off.

    Obama already knows what's right for you.

    Please, please STFU! and let The One lead.

    'Course that is a problem since he does not appear to have any particular direction he wants to go in...

    Except the office of President.

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    Where do you see 'Hillary supporters....' undercutting Clark?

    Put down the Kool-Aide pal. It's making you delusional.

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    You clearly don't understand what a meme is pal. It's an unpalatable truth, for someone usually, that shows up one day and then....

    Never leaves.

    Particularly hard to get rid of when it's the truth.

    What a scene. We just get rid of the stupid oaf and here comes another idiot compete with millions of followers who ain't never done nothin' and as it seems obvious now....

    Don't know how to get anything done.

    Wow, America the Stupid if it elects this bozo.

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    I wonder how all the folks who...

    Want to work.

    Are looking for work.

    Are trained to work.

    ...will view this.

    Obama = one dumb fuck.

    This as is straight out of the Reagan playbook but....

    Guess what lil' Barkey?

    It ain't 1980 no more.

  • Hate to say, actually not....hah, but Barkey is gonna lose this one pals.

    Dukakis was way ahead at this point too Jerome or did Kos hide you Google and you couldn't find that out.

    Barkey's biggest problem is that like crazy Joe he thinks the bi-partisanship schtick and 'running to the center' is gonna help him win.

    Folks are sick of the Republican meme. They're broke and they're scared and for Barkey to come along and spew  a bunch of Rethug talking points is dumb beyond belief.

    But then all you Obamacrats are convinced that this dumbass is a smart guy.


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    Prolly the best the dude can do.

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    I'm totally through with Senator Barkey, the lil' dog who would not bark in the night, but.....

    Seems to me there are a whole wad of wankers in the House and Senate who panting to vote the Telcos immunity. Yesterday, Wexler was at FDL and he WOULD NOT GIVE AN ANSWER as to WHY everbody wants to give Bush and Co. a pass on this.

    To me that means there is someghing really, really rotten on the Dem side of this. I'm happy to see Barkey go  under the bus on this but....


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    My opinion?

    Obama will continue in denial about the problems he faces in winning the GE unitil...

    It's too damn late.

    As for Todd, typical Obamacan behavior. Richardson is pointing out a weakness.

    'Under the Bus with him!'

    Good luck with your cult of 'The One' pal.

    It's gonna be Dukakis all over again.


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