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    I wonder if this will build up as hyped as when Edwards endorsed Obama and his plane was being tracked minute by minute as to where it was going.

    Are there private detectives (media style) on all these potential VP candidates tailing them to see where they travel, when they answer the phone, who they are holed up with, etc.

    Will Obama keep it a suprise until Saturday and we will all watch the skies and radar screens for where 'the plane' came from and whos on it and all that jazz?

    Or will it be like it most likely will be a build up to a ho-hum, non-event moment? (my bet is of course here)

    Semi seriously - I still like the idea of a VP-less convention.  Have signs that say "Obama - ????" throughout the convention.  Keep everyone on their toes.  Annoy the media.  Deny McCains convention week and own VP announcement and announce the pick in the middle of the Republicans convention.  Keep the media buzzing and waiting on baited breath for as long as possible.  (and yes I know, thats not gonna happen buts its fun to think about)

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    I must admit that none of the primary VP candidates bandied about dazzle me in any way.  Actually they all kind of put me to sleep and will leave me wanting more.

    Then there is Hillary, who on one hand would be an interesting pick (and if solo, i.e. no Bill, would probably be my first choice) - but I just cant see that working out in practical terms.

    So Ive fallen back to who I backed in the beginning of the primaries before he dropped out - Richardson.

    I think his friendly, affable nature, plus his solid resume would do well for Obama.

    The only questions I have for the others here is - could he overcome the 'Judas' label?  Or is he still too hated by a small subset of Dems to be considered?

    Just curious to see others take on him as VP.

  • Its not that I dont trust Obama or Bill in their management abilities, its that I dont trust the media (I know I shouldnt worry about that, but I do because it is a reality).

    The media will make every Bill moment a circus.  I honestly believe it will be As The World Turns.  The discourse of the nation will be preset back to hateful dreck we've had for the last couple of decades (not that the media and right wont find something to crucify Obama on, thats what they do).  At least Obama sans Hillary and Bill can become his own president.

    I do agree if Obama could get Bill to agree to some high profile 'world ambassador' type thing it would be perfectly suited for Bill.  But lets not fool ourselves that Bill doesnt run with a fast crowd that Obama doesnt seem to want to affiliate with.  The spotlight will be back on Bill, on sadly to say, he has never really been one to show self control.

    Dont get me wrong, I have mucho respect for Bill's presidency (mostly because economically he got out of the way which is about the best thing a president can do when times are good), but he couldnt control himself when the spotlight and bullseye was directly on him, can he do so now?

    It just makes me twitchy, because part of me wants to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he hasnt shown that I should (of course like it matters what I think in the big picture, but thems my thoughts).

  • Ive taken a breather from the primary wars but have kept up and had time to reflect on how things went down and what would be good for the way forward.

    Im convinced no matter who Obama picks the media is going to both gush over the pick and eviscerate him for the pick.

    Lets face facts.  The media has picked McCain to be the 2008 version of GWB in that what he says will not get scrutinized because 'hes not a detail guy' and 'hes off the cuff' and 'he was a POW', etc., etc.  Not that the media will let McCain off the hook completely, but McCain will get a free ride throughout.

    This election is about vetting Obama and nothing else.  And its more fun for the media to praise and destroy Obama at the same time.

    This is just what I believe.

    So as far as Obama's VP pick, it doesnt matter.

    However, I have had some time to soften my position on Hillary and could almost bring myself around to her being a really solid plus as VP.  But.....

    What people keep forgetting is the baggage of Bill.  If Hillary was married to an unknown, her as VP would have been a done deal forever ago.  But you simply can not have Bill and Hillary, the team, as your VP.  Bill simply is not capable of not taking the lead.

    Obama has said one thing consistently about his campaign and style - no drama.  He gets crucified for this when he doesnt attack or doesnt get crazy.  Hes too cool.  Too methodical.  Too detached.  Whatever.

    But the Clintons THRIVE on drama.  It is in their DNA as political animals.  I do not mean this as a detraction, per se, but Obama is the anti-Clinton in many ways.  The Clintons love to rumble, love to mix it up, love the fray.

    But again, you simply can not have Bill around.  Hillary on her own would be amazing.  Obama and her could work together and do great things.  But Bill simply can not be second fiddle.  I truthfully believe Bill would not be able to be 'controlled' to a necessary level to keep dramas out of an Obama administration.

    It hurts me to say this because I still have an affinity for him, but Bill is Kryptonite for Obama.

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    But there is still a lot of hard work ahead and best not get overconfident and complacent.

    Still, Id love to see Obama make a stop in Alaska - good will is good will.  Just like the long primary was good for late primary states in voter registration and excitement, there is no down side for Obama to make a one day trip to Alaska.  

    Maybe go up to ANWAR and get some pictureque photos of him in that natural splendor and he can use that as part of his alternate energy campaign and butress against the republicans arguments to drill there and destroy that beauty.

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    Huck seems like an affable fellow but I wouldnt want him anywhere near a position of importance in civil governance.

    And on the OT subject of what type of general election opponent he would have been?  I believe he would have been much weaker than McCain and/or Romney.  

    Huck has too much Jesus in him for most folks.  Bush gets away with the Jesus talk because Bush believes in American Jesus, not Bible Jesus (i.e selective belief for moral superiority when needed yet convenient ignorance when it disagrees with whatever policy or stance he needs to take) and most Americans believe in American Jesus not Bible Jesus - Bible Jesus is too hard and hippie.  

    But Huck believes in Bible Jesus.  Bible Jesus and the money changers who own the republican party do not mix too well.  Bible Jesus scares the money changers and they dont want Bible Jesus to be in control.  The money changers like Bible Jesus right where he is and for what he is - a wonderful front and cover for their amoral agenda.

    Huck would have been killed in the general.

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    so why worry about what garbage she is posting somewhere else?

    And if she comes back later as an honest broker and real D team player she will be welcomed.  And if even if she comes back and keeps mum on the GE and keeps to other issues and is a good D she would be welcomed.

    We cant expect everyone to like and/or support Obama.  My hope is that those who can not support him here either avoid the subject (ie not tabloid trash him) or at least express their concerns as an honest broker.

    Plus dissent can open our eyes to weaknesses in a candidate which can be used to strengthen the candidate and/or their message.

    Personally, Id like to believe all dems would lock step fall in place behind the nominee, but Im smart enough to know we are irrational beings and sometimes make choices for ourselves which might be counter to our best interests (I know Ive done it).  So a wee bit of forgivness and understanding goes a long way.

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    You know, at this point in time, screw context.  As long as we stay away from hysteria (and desperation), I say we pile on McCain for every real and out of context gaffe we can find.

    I say we keep needling him on every little thing we can and get his temper and gumption up.  Lets keep showing the electorate that this guy is a crazy old coot who shouldnt have his finger anywhere near 'the button'.

    So Im willing to put up with a little out of context slamming of McCain (again, as long as its not hsyerical hissy fit kind of stuff) that keeps him on his back foot and gets him riled up.

    I just wish we could start getting his goat on the economy like we do on Iraq.  In the end, the dumber he looks on the economy and the angrier he gets about being labelled 'Boosh 2 Electirc Boogaloo' the better off we are.

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    I dont know why but none of the candidates being thrown about really resonate with me.  Its nothing I can articulate, but I dont see 'home run' written on any of them.

    I just dont want a quick decision.  I think the more time Obama takes the better (at least with a deadline of the republican convention).  I think picking too quickly after such a tough primary with raw feelings still about would not be wise.  I think a time out period would be welcome.  Plus it would allow Obama some sink or swim time one on one against McCain.

    In the end it has to be Obama defeating McCain, not Obama and his VP beating McCain, so Obama might as well start now assuming the mantle of leader.

    Plus, I think Obama should save the VP pick for a better media play day.  Say the day after McCain picks his running mate or during the republican convention.  Something that steals McCains media narrative and any bump he could get.

    Couple of interesting bits from this news at least:

    1) No Schweitzer.  He seemed to be a hot pick.

    1. No Richardson.  Which I am glad about, I dont think he would be good (although I genuinely like Richardson).
    2. Jones - wtf?  Who the hell is this guy?

    In the end, I think Obama will pick someone from left field.  I dont think an unknown would be bad as long as they are solid.  It would give the media a few days to obssess on dems again trying to learn about the new guy/gal.

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    I love posts like this.

    I follow politics enough at the 'rock star headliner' level so I know most, if not all, of the names being bandied about pretty well (except Jones - thats way left field).  And to be honest, none of them thrill me or at least none of them seem to me to be that perfect fit (a la Clinton/Gore).

    But I love a post like this when it brings someone new in the picture who I really didnt know much about who sounds quite interesting.

    Without knowing anything else than whats in your post, Sestak sounds quite interesting.

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    Speaking of traffic, does anyone else sense an upcoming slowdown in traffic to the left blog sites for a while?

    It almost seems as even here is getting a bit quiter already.

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    These are professional politicians who are going to put party first.  There are frayed feelings and desires on each side and both are empathetic and pragmatic people.

    This is still a great sign though.  I hope this leads to a very soon joint appearance with some good symbology and strategy (maybe a swing together through Florida, Ohio and Penn?).

    I think we need some strong visuals of the two together (and maybe Bill thrown in as well or maybe side trips with Bill and Obama together).  And not just one time, multiple times, that will really help us who arent so professional and pragmatic.

    But honestly, at this point I dont care too much.  Im already at the stage where I am confident things will work out and all we need is time and it will probably happen quicker than I hope.

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    In honor of the recently departed Harvey Korman and his wonderful role as Hedley Lamarr in Blazing Saddles I will just say......


    Give the governor a Harumph!

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    Count me in on that sentiment as well.  Being over here in Aus I dont get to see the usual US TV stuff so last night here on CNN international they had their AIPAC speeches live in full and they were both awesome and gracious.  I think Hillary, whatever the motives I dont care, did Obama a great service there.

    Ive been skeptical but willing to give the benefit of the doubt and a cautious grace period, but Clintons comments and tone were perfect.

    I started to actually feel that we really will come together and that it will happen sooner rather than later.


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