My Experience Helping Fair Illinois

(The Anti-gay marriage referendum which has been making the rounds in several states has hit Illinois unfortunately.  The product both of intolerance and cynicism, it has no place on the Illinois Ballot. is spear-heading a volunteer effort to check every signature to see if it's legit.)

I was there on Saturday at the FairIllinois Office and went through 20 petitions.

Everyone was in good humor and helped each other -- which is what you'd expect from progressives.  I saw a number of couples come in both gay and straight.  I got there at about one and after the short training by the affable Matt, I hunkered down to work.

The hours of operation are pretty open since there are a lot of these sheets to go through -- over 50,000 I think.  Our job was to go through the list of people who had signed and make sure that their name and address checked out.  Simple enough.

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Don't Regulate the Internet!

See The Truth About Net Neutrality.
Don't let the Telcos Take Over the Internet.
Make up your own mind. It's about the future of the Internet!

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Telco Slush for Bobby Rush (IL-01)

Lynn Sweet of the Sun-Times writes today of a "$1 million grant from the charitable arm of SBC/AT&T" to a community center founded by Congressman Bobby Rush (IL-01)

She points out that:

On Wednesday, the energy and commerce panel on which Rush sits is set to vote on a controversial rewrite of telecommunications law co-sponsored by Rush and backed by major phone companies eager to compete with cable television companies.

Yes, this is the nortorious "Barton-Rush bill" where Rush was one of the Democrats on the Committee who voted against a provision guaranteeing "net neutrality".

Sweet continues:

Rush, asked to explain whether he had a conflict in sponsoring telecommunications legislation in the wake of the grant, replied in a statement that the "real conflict" stems from inequities in the telecommunications marketplace that hurt the poor

Since his bill is geared primarily to relieving the "inequities" that hurt the telecos, apparently "pay-back" for the "poor" is coming through backdoor channels like the community center.

When the Teleco Cartel flexs its muscles, this is one of the ways they do it.

Save the Internet!  Save the Internet!  Save the Internet!

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Contemporary View of the 1994 Election Disaster

Here's an interesting contemporary reaction to the disaster that was the 1994 Election.  I found it dredging through the backfiles of LexisNexis.  It comes from an article titled, "Sorting Through the Post-Election Rubble: a Democratic Perspective" by Fred Yang and appeared in the 12/94-1/95 issue of "Campaigns & Elections":

No amount of spin-doctoring can change what happened on November 8: we Democrats got an old-fashioned thrashing at the polls. With Democrats losing control of the U.S. House of Representatives for the first time in 40 years, along with control of the Senate and 10 gubernatorial seats, the pundits have taken to calling this election the "Revolution of 1994."

But was 1994 a revolution or an evolution? While no one can deny that November 8 was a very good day for the Republicans, it remains to be seen whether the results constitute a mandate for the GOP or simply a rebuke of the Democrats.  Obviously, Democrats and Republicans will be battling along these lines all the way to November 1996.

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'Had Enough?' Logo

In the spirit of the day, I thought I'd put something together for people to use.  It's free for the taking -- though preferably by downloading it and putting it on your own site (as opposed to linking to the copy on IllinoisDemNet).

I've linked our copy to the DNC Action Page though obviously you're free to link to anything you feel will best get the job done.

[update:] easier method to download: CLICK HERE. Then File/Save As...

John Sullivan (IL-03) Needs 300 Volunteers This Weekend

Progressive Democrats can potentially pull off an extraordinary victory on the Southwest Side of Chicago. They can potentially unseat an extremely vulnerable conservative member of Congress and replace him with someone who truly represents progressive values.


On both Saturday (3/18) and Sunday (3/19), volunteers in support of John Sullivan for Congress (IL-03) will meet after 10am at Campaign Headquarters, 8943 S. Western, and then spread out, walking the "300 Top Precincts" in the District.

Call sheets are also available and can be sent by email for people who prefer to stay at home.  

For more info, email or call (708) 221-3328.  See also,

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Governor to Lipinski (IL-03): 'This is a Country Built by Immigrants.'

There was a huge rally to protest the new Immigration Bill -- HR 4437 -- in Downtown Chicago Friday. Both the mayor and the governor spoke.  As reported by CBS, the Governor had this to say:
"Whether their names are Gutierrez or Lozano, Lipinski or Blagojevich; it doesn't matter. This is a country built by immigrants."

Lipinski? Surely, not Congressman Lipinski from IL-03! Maybe the Governor meant this as a reminder. Lipinski after all was one of the few Democrats who actually voted in favor of the Bill. That's right, Lipinski voted in favor of the Bill that the 300,000 or so people at the rally were protesting against!

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Sullivan for Congress (IL-03) : the Newspaper Endorsements Roll In


"...The Daily Southtown endorses Sullivan because we believe he can be a more dynamic lawmaker, and because we believe he is more in touch with mainstream Democratic Party ideals -- not strictly those of the Bungalow Belt that is Lipinski's base.


"...We take issue with Lipinski over policy and experience. ... [Sullivan] has great credentials: Assistant State's Attorney and gang crimes expert. Lipinski was a political science teacher in Tennesee.  The 3rd District has an opportunity to get a great Congressman in John P. Sullivan, and he gets our endorsement in the Democratic primary."


Lipinski's strange route to office is a major issue in this year's race, along with Lipinski's stance on the war in Iraq. His prime opponent, John Sullivan of Chicago, a gang crimes prosecutor with the Cook County State's Attorney's office, emphasized both issues at a candidate's forum Sunday in LaGrange sponsored by the LaGrange area League of Women voters."

You can learn more about John Sullivan and contribute to his campaign by going to ...

Daily Southtown Endorses John Sullivan for Congress in IL-03

It doesn't get any better than this:
Our U.S. Congress Primary Choices
Tuesday, March 7, 2006

...The Daily Southtown endorses Sullivan because we believe he can be a more dynamic lawmaker, and because we believe he is more in touch with mainstream Democratic Party ideals -- not strictly those of the Bungalow Belt that is Lipinski's base. Sullivan supports universal health care and urges withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq in a year. He also backs emergency contraception, stem-cell research and abortion rights.

See the complete Daily Southtown Editorial...

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Fundraiser for John Sullivan (IL-03) next Tuesday (3/14) in Chicago

John Sullivan who's running for Congress in IL-03 is having a fundraiser, 'Countdown to Victory Bash', on Tuesday (3/14, 5:30pm-7:30pm) at Monday's in Chicago. You can find the details after the jump.

We went out canvassing for Sullivan last Sunday. It was a working-class union area about as far from the Lakefront as you can get and still be within the city limits of Chicago.  The reception was fantastic. It began to snow. People came out in their sweat-pants and slippers. They asked for extra copies of our handouts so that they could pass them on to family and friends. Lipinski, the current incumbent who inherited the seat from his father and who's conducted himself as anything but a Democrat ever since, has zero support in this District.

Here's part of the script we used:

John Sullivan is an Assistant States Attorney running for Congress from Beverly. The current incumbent, Daniel Lipinski, inherited the job from his father as a result of some pretty bad shenanigans two years ago.

Sullivan doesn't believe that it's right for someone to inherit a seat in Congress. He believes you have to earn it by being honest -- by being from Chicago when you say you're from Chicago, by being a Democrat when you say you're a Democrat, and by helping people instead of always "helping yourself".

You're welcome to come to the Fundraiser.  You can contribute online by going to Sullivan's Contribution Page...

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