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    I have a sister who married into the Mormon church.  She blows hot and cold on LGBT issues, but is at least up to lukewarm now that gays and lesbians are a regular feature in both her classroom and the workplace.  (The more she sees them as people, the more they become people in her head....there's a lesson there.)

    I worry more about her husband, who tries very hard to be the best at that and at being a good dad, but he also listens to what his bishop and elders say, and it gets him somewhat frustrated after a while. He's a gentler soul than my sister,  but more paranoid about LGBT stuff in particular and sexuality, when as an issue discussed in public, in general.

    Thanks for providing me with some arguments he can wrap his head around and consider.

  • ....and Pennsylvania.

    As far as I can see, with the possible exception of Nevada being in play, I don't see any other path.

    I could see McCain taking Florida.  Ohio is a little tougher, as is North Carolina.  Virginia and Pennsylvania, I suspect, are toughest under the same conditions - Obama doing well, but the support at the edges is a bit soft.

    Therefore, Obama gets a serious coat of nasty applied to him via TV - skip calling him a Socialist or un-American, go straight to being a secret Muslim terrorist-enabler with a "bad" Christian pastor as one of his daddy substitutes.  (Oh, and he's a black man ready to ravish your neighborhoods' women.)  

    If you think it's bad now, wait - it will only get worse between now and Election Day.

    Obama, fortunately, has many more avenues to victory.  The trick will be to call MCain's people  on their smack as relentlessly as we need to focus on our GOTV throughout the nation.  

    The bigger our victory, the more complete their disarray.

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    Torchlit parades to follow sometime shortly thereafter.

    You'd think they'd have something....newer by now, wouldn't you?

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    ...is here:

    http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2008/09/m ussolini-style-corporatism-in-action.htm l

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    Coke?  Coffee?  Beer?  Something stronger?  It's OK - it's been a rough day.

    Have a seat.  Yeah, use my recliner if you want...you look like you need it more than I do.

    OK, now....

    In 1987, only a couple of years out of college, I watched what little investments I had saved simply vaporize.  I was so scared I bought two hundred pounds of grain that same afternoon and my then wife bought a hand-operated mill for it.  The market dropped over 20% before it was over, and we didn't know what tomorrow would bring.

    In 1996, for personal reasons I won't go into, my ex-wife was given about 80% of all our financial assets as a result of our divorce.  And I found shortly thereafter that I had to fight for majority custody of my then 2 1/2 year old daughter for her sake, or watch her fall into a very bad trap that would warp her life irrevocably.  That battle cost a few bucks, and  it lasted until 2000.  It wasn't a cheap battle - by its end, the success I achieved was severely tempered by being net negative value financially.

    There was a point, in the midst of the second event, when I finally realized that fear will make you its slave if you allow it to do so.  And so, at some point, you must make peace with your fear, to surmount it, or it will devour you.  I sorta knew it in 1987, but it hammered itself very deeply into my psyche around 1997, when things were at their worst for myself and my daughter.

    I also realized, viscerally, that what you stand for could cost you more than you're prepared for, and that when the time comes to decide, you'd better be ready to live with the consequences of sticking hard by what you believe in.  I could have taken the easy way out and not have fought for my daughter's welfare, for her soul, essentially.  But that would have meant saying a lot of what made up what I believe in was essentially a sham, and it would mean that my immediate welfare was more important to me than my daughter's long-term welfare.

    There are going to be tough economic times ahead.  Most of you reading this knew it was so when times were relatively fat and we could take advantage of it in our own small ways.  We knew these days were borrowed and couldn't last.

    Now, it comes down to three things.

    First, can you surmount your fear?  If not, you will fall prey to the same slavery that led us to the war in Iraq, the loss of most of the Bill of Rights, the validation of torture in our nation's, and effectively, in yours and my name.  Because there are people who will take advantage of your fear, as sure as we're both sitting here.  And they will do whatever it takes to bend you to your will, if they see you owned by your fear.

    Second, who is going to pay what portion to clean up this mess, and how many false starts do you want to deal with?  The folks over at Naked Capitalism (link below) show that those who created most of this mess were expecting us to do most of the heavy lifting, most of the suffering, once again.  How hard are you willing to fight, and yes, how much are you willing to suffer, to ensure that everyone pays their fair share?  (And yes, you and I will have to pay for some portion of this mess.)  Because we're dealing with folks who rarely are left holding the bag, and they literally do not comprehend that they could lose it all.

    Third, are you willing to stick to your hardcore principles when the going gets rough?  My family matters to me, but if I can't stand for what I believe in, what makes me me, then I am of no value to my family.  This isn't about narcissism or selfishness.  I've done what I had to, to ensure the bills were paid, that my daughter had her essentials, but I was able to do it while maintaining who I was.  It meant less money, but self-worth has value for me.

    We will have some form of a bailout.  The question is, how hard will you fight for one that's fair to  you and yours and the rest of us who are all in this together?  

    You don't have to do this alone... we can do this together.  But you have to not succumb to your fear, and you have to realize that it won't be easy no matter what the outcome.

    But together, we can achieve wonders.

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    ...will both be needed, Jerome.

    When it became obvious that pre-1973 oil prices were slipping away from us forever, both business and government moved toward conservation policies to reduce need (and related costs).

    In spite of the Reagan administration killing off most of the ideas put forward under Carter, business continued their policies in this regard, and the final result was a huge decrease in use and, for a time, also price due to reduction in demand.

    Can we walk away from oil tomorrow?  No - of curse not.  Fertilizer and nitrogen fixing alone are probably the most dangerous arenas in which we deal with today's much higher prices.  

    But to capitulate on this issue without a fight is the type of mentality that made the DLC "famous" and eventually despised, if not outright shunned, by most committed Democrats and more than a few key politicians, Obama included.

    Be aware of shifts in the public mood, most certainly, but this is one poll, from an outfit that tends to prefer to carry the water of the corporations and most especially the economic conservatives, more often than not.

    My two bits...

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    ....it's just not healthy to hold back how you REALLY feel....  ;-)))

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    Liberal.  Effective while in House.  Ohio.  Appeals well to Appalachia.  Relatively youthful, like Obama.  Midwest/Big Ten Country appeal.

    Read this and think about it....

    http://www.openleft.com/showDiary.do?dia ryId=6342

  • ....that we have solid Democratic Party infrastructure in places like New Mexico, Colorado, and Virginia.  We have the potential to, maybe not this cycle, but relatively soon, be a force in North Carolina.  And the 50-state strategy has not only produced presence via surprises as in Mississippi and traditional Republican suburban enclaves, it's given us that little extra bit of backbone in states like Iowa and Missouri that until recently were starting to slip into being Republican upticket more often than not.

    An easy race this year?  Hell, no.  Anybody that thinks they can phone it in is living in a dream world, regardless of party affiliation.  But the fact is, we're taking the battle to them, which means we are starting to control the terms of the battle, which means we're more likely to win if we are persistent and vigorous in our efforts.

    My two bits....

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    If Hillary doesn't want to build seniority in the Senate, I say give Hillary her way on health care, and offer her HHS to make it happen.  Heck, give her a re-combined HEW (Health, Education and Welfare), if necessary.

    It isn't VP, but it's Hillary getting her way on a key issue, and it's as kitchen table an issue as it gets.

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    I have no idea where she'll go from here, but she's repaired more than a little of her relationship to Obama voters with this speech.
  • ....that drives a Volvo.  

    And has a grande Starbucks Americano (deceitful, that) in a porta-pack in the front seat.

    Next to the bag of French fries.  

  • ...dim sum for everybody, and we don't leave the table until we can stand as friends.  

    Now all we have to do is find the right size table....and lazy susans.  LOTS of lazy susans.... ;-)

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    ...can I go find a misogynist media person and "take out the trash"?  This Obama supporter will gladly do that for Hillary.  ;-)

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    ....Jerome's comment is an improvement.

    I hope he'll be more enthusiastic in a few weeks, but hey, I know where I was when Dean closed shop after the Wisconsin primary.


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