Obama Is Winning - Even If You Include FL and MI!

There is a LOT of confusion about the delegate counts and who is winning vs. who is losing. I thought I would write a quick dairy to clarify a few things about the delegate count.

Since the SuperDelegates are NOT committed to either candidate until the convention I believe we need to leave them out of any official count. Also, they can change at any moment and are free to do so. In addition, I have yet to see a major network (CNN, MSNBC, NYTIMES, etc.) actually list the delegates by name that are supporting each candidate. It is hard to believe the numbers. The one place I have seen a list is at www.demconwatch.blogspot.com That site is worth checking out.

Jerome Armstrong has been posting comments like this:

"I've said it before; basically, that if Obama is gonna be the nominee, he's gotta do it by getting a large enough delegates to surpass the inclusion of FL & MI, and what that pads Clinton."

http://www.mydd.com/comments/2008/2/18/2 13743/189/32#32

The FACT is that Obama has ALREADY surpassed Clinton in the delegate count. Even INCLUDING Florida and Michigan.

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Obama Is Supported by Terrorists

At least that is what www.townhall.com thinks. I was just on their site and they had a cartoon of a "terrorist" with a gun(Think Bin Ladin look alike) giving a thumbs up and wearing an Obama 08 button. I don't have the picture saved, but you should be able to see it for yourself.

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President Al Gore's Cabinet (UPDATED)

After thinking about who I would like to be the Democratic candidate for President and who I would like to see actually become President I have decided that Al Gore is the person for the job. I will not spend a lot of time here talking about my reasons why he would make a great President (experienced, smarts, "down to earth", good natured and he already won his first attempt to run for president). This is a speculation piece on who would be cabinet members under Gore.

UPDATE: I agree with most of the comments below. I posted this as a working document and look forward to additional help in coming up with a more complete list. Including multiple possibilities for different positions. Thanks again for all the help. Keep it coming. (Please note that I will periodically update the list below.)

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Thank You Daily Kos - I have found my NEW home

Yesterday I posted a diary on DailyKOS. You can go read it there, but if you do please come back here since I have been kicked off DailyKOS and will not be able to post any comments there anymore.

As a result of the discussion and comments about my diary I am happy to announce that I have changed my registration to the Green Party. I also canceled my Democracy Bond and will not be giving any more money to the Democratic Party in the future.

I don't know how long this diary will last on MyDD, but I think that it is an important issue involving our entire political system and the fate of our country. I will attempt to diary my experience yesterday and my rationale for switching parties for those who are interested. I will also try to respond to those that posted questions in the comments yesterday.

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Why I support Hillary Clinton for President!

Bill Clinton would be First Lady!

And his pet project as first lady?

Legalization of marijuana!

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One Species Thrives, You get the Hives!

A study has come out saying that as CO2 levels rise one of the benefactors of our impact from global warming will be poison ivy.

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Where are we going? How do we get there?

After reading the posting by Matt Stoller titled, "That Foolish Robert Kennedy" I have come to the conclusion that it is probably time for some of us to re-read Crashing the Gates.

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More Spin From Rove On Mr. Bush's Poll Numbers

Here is a Question and Answer put to Karl Rove today at a speech he gave at the American Enterprise Institute.

Full Transcript at: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/con tent/article/2006/05/15/AR2006051500635. html

QUESTION: I'd like to ask a question about the president's own poll numbers, which I'm sure you've noticed are a little on the low side right now.

I'd like to ask: Do you think there's a disconnect with the president's poll numbers similar to the one going on with the economy or do you think that there is some other explanation for all that?

ROVE: You know, when you say "the president's own poll numbers," for a moment there, I thought, "Has somebody been walking through Lafayette Park again and dropping documents off?" I don't know.

Look, I don't want to spend a lot of time on polls. Let me just tell you, I'm sanguine. Here's the reason why.

You mentioned our own polls. I know our own polls. I love all these polls. I love reading your polls. I love this mania which has swept through American media today which substitutes polls for coverage of substance.

And you'll work your way through it eventually. There's, I'm sure, going to be a special Betty Ford addiction for those that are addicted to regular poll numbers, but you'll work your way through it.


But the polls I believe are the polls that get run through the RNC. And I look at those polls all the time.

The American people like this president. His personal approval ratings are in the 60s. Job approval is lower. And what that says to me is that people like him, they respect him, he's somebody they feel a connection with, but they're just sour right now on the war. And that's the way it's going to be.

ROVE: And we will fight our way through. The polls will go up; the polls will go down.

I'm confident that when the polls -- the Wall Street Journal-NBC poll shows a jump in the president's popularity, you will give it the same attention that you did when it went down.


And I'm confident, therefore, that we'll get a fair break.

But the fact of the matter is that if you want to govern by waking up and saying, "How am I doing in the polls?" and adjust yourself thereby, you're going to find yourself in one heck of a problem.

So we're going to stay focused on good policy, and confident that that will ultimately take care of the politics of the matter. /

Rove is saying that there really is no connection between Mr. Bush and the War in Iraq! People like Mr. Bush. Anyone that says otherwise isn't seeing the internal Polls that I get to see. But those are top secret and nobody but me can see them. Also, this is all part of the overriding message and talking point of the day: "Mr. Bush is Liked! The Polls in the press (and the press) are WRONG! We are the only ones who really know what the American public think!" Please notice Mrs. Bush and her statements the last few days about how, "My husband is liked!"

I would just love to see the response if Mr. Bush decided to go on SNL like Gore did on Saturday. Do you think he would get booed?

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Rahm Emanuel Failure In Ohio?

There has been a lot of talk about the disagreement between Rahm Emanuel and Howard Dean and the difference in the Strategies between the DNC and DCCC. As most of you know who read MyDD and DailyKOS, Howard Dean was elected as head of the DNC to promote a 50 State Strategy. Basically the 50 State Strategy is a plan to promote the Democratic Party everywhere and not to spend money on specific congressional contests, but to promote the party at a grass roots level and to think beyond the election in 2006. Rahm Emanuel, as head of the DCCC, is supposed to be funding and supporting specific Congressional races that he, and the DCCC, think are most competitive and could use some funding help to win.

After examining this issue for a while I got to thinking about Paul Hackett's congressional race in Ohio last August. The DNC, and Dean, actually helped Hackett raise $475,000 in that race by sending out fundraising proposals via email. This also helped to build a base in Cincinnati and the Ohio 2nd district, which will help to make the district more competitive in future races. The DCCC gave money for tv ads late in the race. Many people in the campaign complained that the DCCC came late to the game because the DCCC felt that the race was not competitive at first then realized that they should have been helping more, especially earlier in the campaign.

The question(s) I have is this: By not building a base and not helping "marginal" or "uncompetitive" campaigns like the Hackett campaign last year has the DCCC strategy been a failure? And, by concentrating money on the Party operation was the DNC helpful in bringing the Hackett campaign support to make it competitive?

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Lamont - Shooting Ourselves in the Head?

This is my second diary on MyDD. My first one was called Marginalized Green Democrats and got a really good response. I bring it up here because I want to take a moment to discuss and compare the Ned Lamont campaign to the Marginalized Green Democrat issue I discussed in that diary. In that diary it came out that in CTG (Crashing the Gate) one of the problems presented was that the Democratic party has too many special interests within the party that end up dividing us. When I brought up the fact that many Green Democrats feel marginalized and ignored by the Democratic Party some on this site responded by saying that the Dems are better then the Republicans so get over it! You are just another special interest. (Some even called me bad names and blamed me for losing the election in 2000). Many people were saying that we progressives need to stick together and keep our eyes on the prize - winning back the house and senate in 2006 even if we don't elect progressives/green democrats. As long as they are Democrats that is what we need. Kind of a rising tide lifts all ships philosophy.

I don't entirely agree with this philosophy which is why I support the Ned Lamont campaign. What I am thinking is that either all the people that wrote on the post about how we have to stick together and just get rid of the Republicans even if the Democrat is not perfect are being hypocritical if they also support the Ned Lamont campaign. I really just want to open this up for discussion since I keep hearing more and more about the Ned Lamont campaign on this site. So here is the question to start with:

Are we shooting ourselves in the head to get rid of our headache by supporting the Lamont campaign when we should be spending our time and efforts beating the Republicans?

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