OK-SEN: Polls Shows Inhofe is Vulnerable, Rice Starts Off Well

Senate Guru 2008 (a great blog for U.S. Senate races by the way) has an interesting post up about a polling memo put out by State Senator Andrew Rice's pollster Pete Brodnitz. And then there is a hilarious look at Inhofe's choice for an end of the year on-line fundraising graphic and language.

from Senate Guru 2008's Blog

... State Senator Andrew Rice's pollster released some new polling data. Some numbers in the release include: 58% of Oklahomans feel the nation is off on the wrong track; only 48% of Oklahomans feel Inhofe is doing an excellent or good job; meanwhile, 45% feel Inhofe is doing only a fair or poor job. The most interesting information from the release:

As a result of this evaluation, fewer than half of Oklahomans want to re-elect Inhofe to the U.S. Senate. In a ballot matchup between Republican James Inhofe and an unnamed "Democratic candidate," Inhofe fails to break through 50%, beating the unnamed Democrat 46% to 38% - an 8% lead. When Andrew Rice's name is substituted in for the unnamed Democrat, the ballot remains virtually unchanged with Inhofe failing to break 50% again: Inhofe scores 49% compared to Rice's 35%. This slim 4% shift is barely outside the margin of error of the survey and occurs despite the fact that 73% of voters are currently unfamiliar with Rice. ...

More good reading at Guru, including the 43% to 41% lead Rice gets in the poll after some positive messages are read about him. It shows there is volatility with Inhofe and the electorate is willing to move on positive messages. This is the first poll the public is seeing information on for this race, but the word here in Oklahoma is that Inhofe has been consistently polling below 50% (in internal polls from both parties) for his job rating all year long. That is vulnerable territory for an incumbent, even in a red state.

And of course, GURU also has an interesting take on Inhofe's choice of the disco ball, and "power the pole" verbiage. Strange.

This can be the Tester or Webb race of 2008.

Head over to Rice's website and help make it 2008 donors by 2008!

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Re: OK-SEN: Polls Shows Inhofe

The right Democrat can take this seat.

The voters of Oklahoma are very open to Moderate democrats who will fight for them.

Just Ask Democratic Governor Brad Henry! He is an awesome Governor in a Red state.

by labanman 2007-12-17 06:35PM | 0 recs

I'm really excited about this race.

However...it's soooooo hard to beat an incumbent downticket from what will probably be a 20-25 point bloodbath upticket...that's what killed Carson.

by wahoopaul 2007-12-19 08:58AM | 0 recs


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