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    Jerome, like most Clinton supporters whose posts I read on various blogs, is just upset that he gambled on the wrong horse and lost. Tis the season for bitter recriminations in Camp Clinton.

    Jerome betrayed us and our cause because Hillary was promising him influence. Now Hillary can't deliver anything to anyone.

    So here we are "crashing the gate" with Obama and there Jerome is whining about why Obama and his hateful supporters should put Hillary on the ticket for if he doesn't they, the virtuous Clintonites, will withhold their support for him in the fall.

    Politics by blackmail. The beginnings of a beautiful partnership.

    How the mighty have fallen Jerome.

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    Everybody knows math is sexist. Stop talking about it.

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    Honestly, it shocks me that Clinton supporters STILL gloat over poll numbers. Hasn't she had similar leads in every other poll only to watch them vanquish?

    There's a long time until the election, don't be getting too cocky just yet.

    The election in PA has just started.

    Don't you Clinton supporters ever learn?

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    There are a lot of ifs in your post.

    I don't think Hillary will do half as well as you give her credit for.

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    The Washington Post is shilling for Clinton as is their custom.

    Who cares what they think.

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    I can't believe how delusional the Clinton supporters are.

    You win 3 primaries after losing 12 and suddenly you think you're a rock star.

    No super-delegate will vote against the will of the voter. It is simply ridiculous to think otherwise.


    I don't know what special power you think Hillary has, but this won't change. Obama will win the vast majority of upcoming states, most he'll win by overwhelming margins.

    Whoever has the most delegates and the highest popular vote and most states won will win the nomination. That's it. The super-delegates won't overturn that.

    Otherwise we just had a whole primary season, where we shattered voting record after voting record, for absolutely no reason at all.

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    You're crazy. You're drinking from the Clinton kool-aid water fountain methinks.

    She had a good night after a string of bad nights. Don't get ahead of yourself with ridiculous statements that you won't be able to back up.

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    She's poised to win from here on out?

    Oh really?

    She may win in Pennsylvania and then what? There are contests in Wyoming and Mississippi this weekend, will she win there?

    Will she win North Carolina after getting clobbered in its neighboring states? Will she win in Kentucky where African Americans make up what 40% of the electorate. Will she win in Indiana with all the African American votes in Gary and Indianapolis? Or how about with South Bend and the entire northwestern part of the state being a suburb of Chicago?

    You Clinton people are really starting to look ridiculous. She didn't even net 10 more delegates against Obama on Tuesday. She still trails in the popular vote by 600,000 votes.

    If Clinton wins from here on out, and overcomes Obama's advantage in popular vote and comes pretty close in pledged delegates, then yes i'll agree with you that Obama will be hurting.

    But buddy, honestly, that's a pipe dream. My prediction is that Obama will win 10 to 11 of the next 12 primary contests.

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    Uh, why would he have to win Pennsylvania? He has to win the majority of delegates, period.

    The only people playing the stupid expectation game still is Hillary Clinton. I think the reason why is obvious.

    No one is buying this but Clinton supporters engaged in wishful thinking.

    So if Obama wins 11 of the next 12 and loses Pennsylvania by 2 or 3 points, he's out? If he wins the majority of the popular vote, states won and pledged delegates he'll be disqualified if he loses Pennsylvania?

    When did winning California, New York, Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania become the only measure of who wins the nomination? Oh ya, when those became the only states Hillary Clinton could win.

    That's how ridiculous, and desperate, the Clinton position has become.

    Contrary to Clintonian spin, every state counts.

    Who ever has more delegates wins, plain and simple. Let the best man win.

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    The Clinton campaign seems more interested in spin than anything else.

    How about this for a strategy: instead of trying to convince people you are winning, how about actually winning.

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    I completely agree Benjamin.

    Clinton has been extremely poorly served by her advisors. For all this talk about her "being ready on day one," I think the conduct of her campaign undermines that argument.

    They almost seem to be throwing darts at a board. Their analytical abilities are suspect. There seems to be no strategy at all.

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    Mar154 please...

    Take your delusions elsewhere. You really have to be smoking something funny to believe Hillary even has a chance at beating Obama.

    Even with her "big" victory on Tuesday she only gained 7 to 11 delegates depending on which estimate you support. She is currently behind by 130+ pledged delegates. She's still 600,000+ votes behind in the popular vote, 300,000+ votes if you count Florida. Obama has a bunch of favorable states coming up. He'll take 10 out of the next 11. That will mean of the past 25 primaries/caucuses Obama will have won 21 of them. That's 84% buddy.

    You tell yourself that you can still win, but you can't. You tell yourself that it's all up to Pennsylvania, but it's not. When all the dust settles Obama will still lead in: popular vote, pledged delegates and states won. No super-delegate in his/her right mind will vote against that.  

    Obama's lead is insurmountable.

    So many delegates, so little time. That's what you don't seem to understand.

    It's called math, learn it.

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    Or it's possible that Texas and Ohio were the exception and Obama will regain his footing among these independents in the coming contests?

    "Bleeding support" implies a steady erosion. There is no evidence of any such erosion. Hillary had a good night that's all your numbers show. One night does not make a trend.

    I think it's time for many Clinton people to start putting things into perspective.

    Also, don't underestimate the effect people like Rush Limbaugh had in getting Republicans to vote for Hillary percisely to affect the outcome in her favor. He did this to keep the election going thus giving his candidate, John McCain, more time to regroup and raise money, while simultaneously weakening our nominee who will certainly be Barack Obama.

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    You're a loser.

    Obama will win convincingly on Tuesday and Hillary will "suspend" her campaign by Wednesday.

    Why do you guys do this to yourself? Don't polls always show Hillary "resurging" in the lead up to an election only to have her be defeated by 20+%?

    Are you guys just trying to convince yourselves at this point?

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    Please give it up alright. Hillary polls worse in both. I'm sorry your girl lost, but do you honestly want to see McCain in the White House?

    It's over. Let's move on and win the election.

    Also, to answer your question: Yes, I think Gallup overcounted Republicans. They are notorious for doing so.

    NYTimes/CBS has Obama 12 percent ahead of McCain. Every other poll has Obama ahead of McCain.

    It's time for Democrats to unite.


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