The Bully Pulpit (My First and Last Diary)

I'm sad to write this. Never before have a had any incentive to write a full-length diary. Sadly, this is my first and last diary here at MyDD.

The frontpage post that Clinton raised 2.5 mil after winning Penn is bullshit. There is no other possibility.

To be honest I would vote for any Democrat in the general. Hillary, Obama or Kerry, I really don't care. Any one of them is better then a Rethug.

Todd, you know as well as I know that Hillary did not "spontaneously" raise 2.5 million after she won Pennsylvania. That is bullshit. She released this number to assure those who supported her that she still remains viable in the primary. But the fact is that she still has no chance of winning the primary.

Look, I love MyDD. I come here two, three or four times a day to assuage my political addiction. However, a post such as this one is utter BULLSHIT. You made no attempt to link to the information so we could judge for ourselves and there is not even a small attempt at critical thinking.

I hate to say it but I don't think I will come back to MyDD for a long time. That being said, I do liked it here. This place was my home when I first discovered the emergent democracy of the web. But Todd, using unfounded campaign propaganda as a post is just as bad as any mainstream media broadcast. There are better sources of info out there. Dailykos, Swing State Project and many local blogs rely on fact and reason in their political writings.

Todd, your post is nothing more than overly-emotional display based upon zero factual information.

Goodbye MyDD.

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