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    Who knows if they'll ever give up their faux-sexism induced retard rage.

    Anyways, thanks for a decent diary, I guess, though I don't know whether or not it's going to change any minds.

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    Equal representation doesn't even make sense as a phrase as you used it. What this blog is about is promoting a progressive social and economic agenda through democratic representation. Having a progressive male candidate is a better representative of the views held by this site's subscribers than would be a conservative retard woman. Or did you think Sarah Palin was the second coming of Susan B. Anthony?

    This is just asinine PUMA shit. If you can't get over it, go away.

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    It'd be great to have a strong female candidate south of the R/D divide for senate now that Nepolitano is headed to Obama's cabinet.

    Am I the only one who felt more negative than positive over the Nepolitano nod? I really wanted to see JSM run out on a rail in 2010. Oh well.

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    We don't need pity parties... the netroots had been mobilizing support and fundraising for great candidates of any gender. Any further disparities can only be solved by increased access to education, which will hopefully come in as a high priority with the next admin.

    This site is about representation based on stances on issues, not genitalia.

  • He hasn't even announced his entire cabinet yet. This is a stupid diary.

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    another quality shitpost


    aren't you an 'elected official'? shouldn't you be officiating in an elected fashion instead of shitposting on mydd?

  • It's a clone of the mutated concern trolls on freep and tnr. No new insight, no new info. Other than 'kosnomore' being an 'elected official'. Right.

    Between that and listing his crosspost to a blog with like 50 total comments on it, I really have to wonder whether the HRC crap pack from the primaries have their rec privs back.

    Obama hasn't even named any of his cabinet yet, let alone been inaugurated and you retards are already judging his administration? What. The. Fuck.

    There is room in the party for conservative democrats, but no room for you. gtfo.

  • You realize that webmasters have very little control over what ads do and don't make it on their site? Unless they don't do an ad service, which in terms of finances is a kiss of death, you basically get whatever client of the ad service paid for the banner.

    Basically, get the fuck out. Didn't you GBCW already? Or is this shitpost referencing a different shitposting GRO?

  • I'm a big fan of terrible posts leading to bans. Too bad they didn't do it more during the primary.

    Also what is with people complaining about the content/caliber of MyDD? It's mostly candidate/issues diaries on rec, as opposed to the self-destructive anti-Obama screeds rec'd up by some annointed inner-circle during the primary. What's not to like?

    If you don't like Obama, read the non-Obama issues or candidate diaries. These seem to constitute no fewer than 3 slots on rec and no more than one of three front page/top posts. That is when it the page isn't under attack by the Petulant United Mongoloid Asshats spouting off about how it's the end of the internet world every other day... those posts tend to skew the data.

  • If she wants to throw a pity party, she can do it at her own convention.

    At the Cheesecake Factory.

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    with these craptastic diaries. This doesn't effectively criticize Obama at all.

    Just because you say that this doesn't shore up his credentials doesn't negate that in the eyes of anyone with a T.V. or radio, Obama came out of this week looking really, really good. Show me one non dittohead source that negatively reviewed Obama's overseas trip.

    And I just can't help but wonder when people say/write/think that Obama is going to swing more right than Clinton would have. Seriously, folks, you'll get a chance to vote for HRC again... every four years from now until the end of days.

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    I lol'd

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    their brewmaster/ceo jim koch would come on my local radio station (WWDC) with a case for the radio crew, and largely inebriated by like 7AM.

    a true american hero.

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    Seriously. The hell?

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    Get out.


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