• I always thought it was Lincoln playing progressive on this issue to boost her chances. I don't know if I buy the TPM point that it was the Senate doing it for her. Regardless, as you note, the game is up :)

  • It looks like she won't get 50%. I'll settle for a do-over on this race. In the mean time, she has to keep playing democrat in the Senate until that runoff. If she comes in second place, even better.

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    Seriously, this is inexcusable and likely game over.

    How deep is the bench in CT?

    That's inexcusable.


  • Are economists politicians? It is a legitimate question.

    I cannot fathom the finances. Instead, I have to rely on the opinions of a wide array of professional (i.e., not blogosphere armchair) economists.

    Some say the bailouts were unnecessary. Most say it staved off a depression. I do not condone the manner in which the bailouts were handled by either administration.

    I would like to see a reliable source for trillions, as sources (NY Times and Wikipedia) place that value in high hundred billions, and detail what has been repaid.

    I know full well what was going on, and I'm disgusted. I could opine for hours on the war against the middle class. But as far as I'm concerned, the only focus at this time should be on repairing regulations to prevent such gambling and increased taxes on the wealthy and on financial transactions to recover any losses due to the bailout. By the time the bailout was necessary, in my opinion, it was already too late for any other rational course of action.

    Allowing a second great depression to spark the needed revolution is not a humane option.

    But in the wake of all this, I still cannot fathom why your guy Bill Halter can't make any traction against the likes of Plantation Blanche. Where's that anti-DC sentiment?

    I'm not sure where you got the impression that I was rooting for the likes of her? I fervently support Bill Halter and have donated to his campaign. It's a right decision by Arkansas democrats that I'm rooting for. 

  • When you work for a living, and are told the bank bailouts are the only thing that kept us going from recession to depression, it rather smacks of limousine liberalism to hear paid political consultants, bloggers, and pundits tell you it would have been better to just go for that depression... in the same sentence of talking of getting to go to Brazil for campaigning.

    I'm sorry. I spent 14 weeks on unemployment that was ended by the ARRA. The recession was bad enough for me. I wish the bailouts had been better supervised, but they weren't. It is water under the bridge at this point. I can only hope we demand changes in the system.

    But what's Jerome to say when Bill Halter likely loses next week, where Arkansas democrats choose Plantation Blanche instead?

  • September 11, 2001.

    OMG! Terrorists mught blow up school busses. Let's invade a country at a tremendous cost in blood and treasure. Heck, we even re-elected that guy over John Kerry in 2004. Remember that?

    We will do anything to protect our way of life, even if it is completely irrational and makes everything worse in the long run. the Republicans know this, too.

  • ...then people will change their mind. Until then, good luck.

    My main argument, with all these progressive issues, is that a lack of civic concern is the main enemy of progress.

    Until things directly affect Americans, they don't care. Even the current economic crisis spares a great majority of our population from being directly effected.

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    We have to give both sides equal attention.

    Unfortunately, we don't have two political beliefs, we simply have correct and incorrect.

    So you're giving half your space to wrong. Nice.

  • I agree.

    Any healthcare debate was going to be ugly and bruising, considering every previous President that attempted it failed. There were possibilities to make it more appealing, but we have to consider the difficulty involved. Sausage making and legislating, right?

    I think they knew to some extent that it was going to be ugly, and that the objection would be the loudest. So, you put it farthest from the midterm. Evidence: What's been happening with the tea parties lately? Not much.

  • Would such a provision even be constitutional?

  • 50% of Americans still want more offshore drilling. After this disaster.

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    I love your posts as they always bring good news and lift our spirits.

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    The race turned when Sue Lowden revealed her hand with the chicken mishap, and we moved on to financial reform where Reid could show greater strength.

    Could checkups for chickens turn out to be the greatest political gaffe of the season? I hope so.

  • This one is a classic. I have to make sure I save it.

    It started by Steve M, joking that Jane Hamsher is going to call for Dennis Kucinich to be primaried after he changed his position to support HCR.

    My only question: Is Grover Norquist inside the tent too?

  • I think you need to re-read the post I made.

    However you interpreted my reply, the real intent of my response was to agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments espoused above by you and Charles, here and elsewhere.

    yet I can fully understand why so many believed he was a true progressive.


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