• I'm not sure Crist will caucus with the Republicans. He's not a bad guy. He was the state senator from where I grew up in Florida. But I still can't see him caucusing with the democrats. I think he is likely to be the first, true independent in the senate. But that's one less lock-step R, and I'll take it.

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    I saw this article on Daily Kos earlier today that the Treasury now indicates that repayments have exceeded bailouts by $4 billion.

    WASHINGTON—The Treasury Department on Friday said the money repaid to taxpayers for government funds used to bail out U.S. companies has for the first time surpassed the amount of loans.

    The Treasury, in its May report to Congress on the Troubled Asset Relief Program, said TARP repayments reached $194 billion, $4 billion more than the outstanding debt of $190 billion.

    It's bad enough to be a hypocrite, but he seems to ever so slightly be losing the wind in his sails as well.

  • Excellent article, but I wonder if he is referring to Jay rockefeller.

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    Well, assuming that the "multiple unnamed sources" are accurately cited by drudgeico, isn't the WH logically correct here?

    Considering neither Halter nor Lincoln stand a reasonable chance come November, wouldn't the money have been better spent elsewhere, where it could have made a difference?

    This isn't mocking, but an admission of fact. Bill Halter's candidacy was fueled by emotion; an emotion which I feel.

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    I'm quite surprised. I was expecting Halter to eke out a narrow victory, but that may have just been wishful thinking. 

    And he lost Garland county this time! So despite the ugliness of voter disenfranchisement, there likely wouldn't have been enough votes present to overcome his shortfall tonight.

    Lincoln won it today: 3666 to 3620
    Lincoln lost it previously: 4810 to 5282

    Based on the number of people who turned out to vote and his margin last time, while grave and prosecutable crimes appear to have taken place, it looks like the shenanigans didn't have any impact in the end.

    I'm beginning to worry about the progressive community and our ability to elect politicians. I'm beginning to worry about the resonance of our message beyond our own echo chamber.

    What does rewarding Blanche Lincoln have to say? Can we all be that wrong?

  • Obama apparently told Blanche to jump in the lake.

    I don't know. If the story is true, I sort of like this vindictive side to him. Good for him. That's what you get for standing in the way of important legislation.

    If Halter can pull off a miracle here and win this, I wonder if Obama endorses him right away? It would be the perfect eff you.

  • I read this story over the weekend and was deeply troubled by it. I am disappointed that media outlets have not covered it. I made several pleas to people I know at the HP to drop the front page self-promotion of Arianna's appearance on the Sunday talk circuit and cover this crucial story.

    Markos' poling has been seeing even better accuracy this cycle, and he believed Halter has a narrow 4% point lead.

    Such trickery, while (regrettably) equally common on all sides of politics, could make the difference here between a huge win and a huge loss. Although I still have to wonder why the race is this close...

    For the reader, here is a map of Garland County.

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    But you'd have to say this is at least a toss-up now, which is a long recovery from where he was before HCR passed.

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    Or so said some notworthy bloggers a few months ago. I won't mention any names ;)

    It is good to hear from you again, and with such good news. He didn't survive in politics that long and make it allo the way to Senate Majority Leader by beeing a fool.


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    It wasn't a personal attack against you, Charles. I realize that I can often be dismissive and derisive, and I am a huge fan of your writing. Matt Simons is no gadfly, but he wrote like one in that one instance. The problem is, these memes gain steam, and the same government that we're hoping will solve the problem for us now has to dedicate resources to dismissing the option.

    The Soviets did use nuclear devices to try and seal natural gas leaks. They succeeded four times. But they failed the fifth time.

    The short answer as to why this is such a dangerous idea stems from the fact that gas and oil have very different fluid properties, the pressure 5000 feet below the water surface precludes direct human intervention, and the leak is in water as opposed to air. If this same leak had happened in 500 feet of water, the tragedy would be much easier to plug. You can send people down there to do the work of robots.

    In a nightmare scenario, the nuclear detonation could cause a collpase of the sea bed above the oil reservoir, generating fissures that would leak all the oil uncontrollably until the reservoir ran dry. There would be no stop. When you're dealing with natural gas leaks on dry land, the worst you'll likely have to do is torch the escaping gas if you fail.

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    Now there was a tyranical dictator. I remember him well.

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    Skocpol Responds to Reich on what Obama should do:

    I like Bob Reich and consider him a friend, but he is nuts. ... There is a reason why the right, including Sarah Palin, is calling for Obama to "take charge" of the BP disaster, including fixing the leaking pipe. This is a problem that cannot be solved, and probably will not be for many months... 

    They want Obama to directly own it so they can reinforce their message that government does not work. Why should liberals, stupidly, be pushing for this? I cannot figure out what the left and many liberal pundits think they are doing in all this.

    When a huge private corporation makes a mess and cannot fix it, it is sheer lunacy to take direct charge of that mess unless you can fix it right away.

    Obama and the government can (a) hold BP accountable in criminal and financial terms; and (b) orchestrate the mitigation, restitution, and financial help for the regions affected. They are doing this and should be as visible as possible about steps in both areas. The last thing they should do is take charge of fixing the leak itself when they cannot.

    The Robert Reich essay progressives have parrotted can be found here. The right let slip the meme that government needs to take control of this problem.

    And us progressives, with our blind faith in all things government, fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

    Too bad the problem cannot be fixed.

    I am very proud of the fact that I hold a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering with a specialty in fluid mechanics. I have reviewed the problem. Once that well broke, we were effed five ways to Friday. I hope this latest cap procedure works. I actually think it is the best shot.

    So what's Obama to do? He's boxed in. He has progressives foolishly demanding that government seize control of BP, which I liken to an error on the magnitude of attacking Iraq after 9/11. And he has the right exploiting this tragedy. I said it once. I'll say it again. Thank goodness Obama is a heck of a lot smarter than we are.

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    A: A radioactive oil spill.

    I wonder how many government resources were dedicated to tamping down this harebrained Internet idea?

  • I agree that there has been way too much stumbling on this issue for my comfort. I don't believe his heart isn't in the right place -- I just get the feeling his heart isn't in it, period. It really reinforces the meme that there is too wide a gulf (no pun intended) between actions and words in this Administration.

    I will restrict my criticism to the President, but I've noticed that many of our other leaders in the party have been way too disengaged as well. The narrative is there. As you said: capture it.

    Contrast this to the resurrection of HCR. The President had Rahm whispering in his ear all winter, telling him to let reform die, but he wouldn't listen. He marched in to the Republican congressional retreat and schooled them, waited for Wellpoint to do what Insurance companies do best, and then put the GOP over a barrel at the summit. We didn't get everything we wanted, but we got HCR.

    We know he has it in him.

    I think part of the problem is, offshore drilling is still (regrettably) popular. Note: the FDL link is claiming the contrary, but confuses a decrease in support (which has occurred) with support (which is still too high for my comfort). It's FDL, after all. We can't expect too much from them.

    My observation? The BP station on the corner is as busy as ever, and gas is $2.85 a gallon.

  • We can always count on you to tow Matt Drudge's line, can't we?

    Because of the big bad government, the poor oil companies were forced (forced, I tell you) to cut corners, break the law, and engage in risky behavior that led to the death of 11 people and the worst oil spill in U.S. History.

    You know what caused the oil spill? B.P.
    You know what else caused the oil spill? A 30 year war waged on government by you and your Republican kind.

    If someone builds you a house not to code and it falls down and hurts you, you don't turn around and blame the city building code department, do you? I guess you do, if you're a Republican. No, you blame the builder who broke the law, which in this case, was B.P. And news yesterday was that Attny. Gen. Holder is opening an investigation into whether B.P. broke the law criminally or civilly.


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