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    ...to political doom.

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    The current national interest in environmentalism is zero. If the BP disaster had not happened, it would be even less than that.

    I am an environmental engineer. I dedicated my life to improving the environment one tiny iota at a time. I spent 60 weeks on unemployment because of that choice.

    The water is going to have to be at peoples' doorsteps before there is any awakening. President Obama can do a lot of things for us, but he can't make people care.

    It's in our nature to look to Government for the answer. But Government can't drag an unwilling public along. When there is an ounce of social activism, when marchers for cap and trade activists are facing firehoses and dogs, I'll turn to Washington, but until then, we have nobody to blame but ourselves.

    I can only hope that people change their minds, and Barack Obama can sneak enough legislation in under the radar to help.

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    Keep up the good work.


    I'm not worried so much about the Senate, but defeating all the senate teabagger candidates will send a powerful message.


    It looks like Conway is a good candidate. I hope there is enough time before November to sway all those undecideds.

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    The topic of why Barack Obama pursued such a bipartisan approach in the face of so obvious perils is the topic for books, not blog comments.

    But perhaps he got his 60 votes and he doesn't need them anymore?

    I'm not complaining. If he keeps this up, the November may not be so dark.

  • ...firebaggers immediately claled for all 17 democratic senators running for reelection in 2010 with the exception of Russ Feingold to be primaried.

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    To put 88 million gallons in perspective (as per the ticker, above), it would cover a US football field 180 feet deep.

    It appears a new cap is coming soon, one that will fit better and collect most to all of the oil. The relief wells are also hopefully ahead of schedule. After so much bad news, good news looks like it might be on the way.

  • From the conclusions you draw, you clearly did not live through the Regan Presidency as adults.

    You are correct that the political climate in this country has shifted to the right. But your comparison is sophomoric and demonstrates a complete lack of perspective, which unfortunately has become endemic on the progressive left. Those of us who are either old enough or diligent studies of history remember the havoc wreaked on this country through Regan's economic policies.

    You should know all Presidencies are a spectrum of policy from left to right. What matters is where that spectrum is centered. You are making a false equivocation between the two by selecting the most conservative elements of the Obama Administration and the most liberal elements of the Regan Administration. Indeed, they do touch, but careful study will reveal that the similarities end there.

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    My chief criticism of the diary is that the fundamental assertion is schizophrenic. Jerome is assembling a pastiche of data to justify the conclusion aforethought that Obama is too liberal.

    Jerome argues that Obama needs to go to the middle to win over the independents.


    And the kicker: Many of the Independents or soft Democrats that Democratic candidates most need to win, identify themselves with the Tea Party... among the 54% of Democrats and Independents among the wider population polled by Gallup, 39% of that total  are Tea Party supporters. Democrats have no chance at all of winning those 39% of different type of Democratic voters and pure Independents? We might as well give up! Actually, its the only chance they have at winning.

    Obama is too polarizing too. Yet the chief concern for the midterms is base turnout.

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    1. This diary states that poll numbers are important.

    2. Paul Krugman is always right.

    3. Paul Krugman says polls are stupid.

    By that logic...

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    That as smart a man he is, he is still a commercial commentator? That his opinion is one of many different opinions?

    Please, by all means disprove that.


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    It's terrible politics. With the economy in this shape and no crime, other than being PWB/PWD, they can go for a repeat of 1998.

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    ...you have bigger problems.

    Obama's not up for reelection until 2012. He really doesn't care about the polls today. And he shouldn't.

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    Jerome's point is the cross-tabs are a nightmare.

    But if the poll numbers aren't great, I don't understand how the cross-tabs would be expected to bring any better news?

    Jerome is arguing that democrats are in trouble because they are unpopular. Independent support may have declined. The polls show that clearly. But I have to respond: so what? Aren't independents less important in a midterm anyways? Is there any evidence these independents voted for him the first time? And unlike 1994, isn't it true that democrats aren't facing a more appealing alternative this time around?

    Obama won a landslide in 2008. Before I begin to fret needlessly over 2012, I need to see some evidence that voters lost will exceed voters gained by a margin statistically significant enough to undo that.

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    ...my poll numbers are great!

    Of course, I don't have the responsibility of governing; making the hard decisions to drag those numbers down. And neither does she!

    On November 12, 1938, FDRs disapproval reached a record high of 46% in Gallup as people became frustrated with the pace of recovery from the Great Depression. Yesterday, Barack Obama's disapproval rating tied for the third straight day at its highest level at... 46% in gallup.

    To suggest that these numbers are cause for resignation in this climate is just plain pumatarded.

  • And Barack Obama is supposed to save us from ourselves?

    This "man" has a column because people read it.

    People agree with this.

    We have become a truly dark nation.


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