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    Where did all the good diarists go? Jonathan Singer? Charles Lemos? Josh Orton? Brit?

    Instead, we have front page diarists wanting to teabag the teabag Senate candidates. Rubio couldn't get 50% of the vote. If Clinton hadn't meddled in this race, first rewarding Meek for tampering with the primary, then trying to get him to pull out, Crist would have cruised to victory. Like the proto-teabagger turd before him, Martinez, I suspect he doesn't even complete his term, let alone run for President.

    And Obama, after enacting the most comprehensive democratic legislation since FDR, which was the same legislation he campaigned on, somehow is the worst democratic President evah? Wow. Some people weren't paying attention two years ago.

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    He sure draws high job approval, which is ~ -4%.

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    There's no generic R or D on the ballot.

    And those individual polls all have their own LV screens.

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    Remember, how a few days ago, there was an AP story that 8% of former Obama supporters were voting Republican? And all the pessimists went into orbit?

    Burried under the lede, 9% of former McCain voters were voting for the democrat this time.

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    Hey BJ, I know you sympathize with the teabag, but I'm willing to stand by the most progressive record of any President since FDR (or maybe LBJ).

    People don't vote against incompletes, they vote against accomplishments.

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    They knew they were going to have big midterm losses in January of 2009. You can't hold 85 seats that voted for Bush a second time in a faltering economy.

    That's why those who fashion themselves Cassandras here get no credit.

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    But it's more than enough.

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    as soon as you start name-calling, your opinion is immediately deemed invalid!

    Have the teabaggers done nothing else but call Obama names?

    In fact, outrageous name calling from the far right seems to be the Hallmark of the past two years.

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    I figure it would have had to been upwards of $3 Trillion to get unemployment down to 5%. But yeah, the liberal bloggers would have loved it.

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    I still want to know how many of this supposed 21% voted for Obama in 2008.

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    And now he's advocating austerity?

    I think you're drawn to the tea party activists because they are activists, even though they are predominantly conservative activists, and can't fit in the democratic tent.


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    No, I don't think Jerome has changed. He's an activist to the core, perpetually crashing the gate. But that doesn't necessarily make for sane analysis or practical solutions, though.

    How many present-day tea party activists voted for Obama in 2008? 0.
    What was Barack Obama's margin of victory in 2008? 9,522,083.
    How many congressional districts that voted for George W. Bush <i>a second time</i> in 2004 now have democratic incumbents? 85.
    How many Senate seats did Democrats pick up in 2008 thanks to a democratic wave? 8.
    Before Obama, how many times since LBJ has one party controlled all three electoral goals? 3
    And many times did that control end in a wave election? 3

    After a long hiatus, I was just curious to see what madness had broken out here as we face midterm losses. Boy, was I not disappointed.

    When politicians are losing, they always blame inadequacy of the message, as Jerome does here. The message is no good, they cry! If anyone ever stepped outside and went canvassing for OFA, they'd see how wrong their conclusions are. The message is fine. Voters just have a different opinion.

    The fact remains, this country hasn't changed over the years. It's the same country that voted for George W. Bush two times, and the same country that voted for Barack Obama (except demographics do keep shifting towards the D).

    You know why the democrats are going to lose seats? Because Republicans are pissed off. That's why. And why are Republicans pissed off? Because Obama accomplished more liberal achievements in 2 years than any President since FDR or LBJ.

    And you know why democrats won in 2006 and 2008? Because Republicans were disillusioned with Bush. And why were they disillusioned with Bush? Because governing means being practical and compromising and doing things like bailouts. Look at how Joe Sestak turned it around with the dog doo commercial in PA.

    People don't like or trust the government. That religion comes from decades of ingrained beliefs. If bloggers ever left their computers and talked to people outside their activist bubbles, they'd know that. The only demographic that likes or trusts government is the young. Add to this 9.5% unemployment and a deficit, and what is happening should be no surprise.

    So Barack Obama's only two options were to govern as a Republican or take midterm losses here. Yes, better messaging might have saved some districts and senate seats. Fair enough. But these losses were inevitable, just as Bush would have lost seats in 2002 if not for 9/11. People want divided government.

    The Democrats will lose 45 House seats and 6 senate seats (Nate predicts -49 and -7 as of todat). Yawn. It's a 1994-lite. Life will go on.

  • That's all I could think while watching Ted Olsen eviscerate Chris Wallace.

    Ted Olsen may be a conservative in real life, but he was magnificent in dismantling the Proposition H8 arguments using... conservatism. Life is strange.

    The best quote? "[Chris], would you like FOX's right to a free press put up to a vote?"

    Between that line and Boehner blending into the orange bookshelf behind if, Sunday morning was a thing of beauty.

  • I must be a good sport and give credit where credit is due.

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    The source for the first paragraph was from Politico, citing unnamed sources in the Administration. All of which reaffirms the President's position clearly stated during the primary and general election that he believes in Civil Unions. So this shouldn't be a surprise. While I do not share his belief on the issue of marriage, I find little fault with his slow but steady progress on LGBT issues (extending the FMLA act, ending DADT by the end of this year).


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