Polls: Big Boost for Obama

This diary will have to be brief, as it is already way to late on the East Coast, but I have been somewhat startled by the lack of reporting of good news for Obama here. When Obama is shaping up to be the next spawn of Jimmy Carter and Herbert Hoover, it certainly makes the front page news. Yet the smart moves by the Obama Administration in the last week have gone largely unreported, and may be showing in the polls.

According to the Gallup Daily tracking poll, Obama has surged ahead four points since last week to a 50% approval rating. One could argue that the strecth of sub-50% approval ratings the past week were artificially depressed, but the timing seems to not be coincidental. Barack Obama has come off of his State of the Union Address on Wednesday.

But Gallup indicated that the approval for three days after the State of the Union held steady.

The latest week encompasses Obama's State of the Union address to Congress on Wednesday, Jan. 27. Gallup Daily tracking conducted in the three days immediately before and after the speech shows no change in public support for Obama, with his approval rating steady at 48%. This is consistent with Gallup's historical presidential approval trends, which show that State of the Union speeches are typically low-impact events with respect to public opinion.

Gallup notes:

The subsequent increase in Obama's rating to 50% for the Jan. 29-31 period reflects a stronger day for Obama in Gallup polling on Sunday.

Sunday could be just a good day of polling; a high outlier. But Friday featured the epic smackdown of Republicans, and Gallup shows a notable uptick in approval from liberal democrats.

All told, sitting at 50% approval with 10% unemployment is not a bad place to be, and strikes me as rather remarkable.

Obama has a lot of work cut out for him, and progressives can be almost guarenteed further setbacks. It is soon to tell -- the upcoming days will show whether these new voter moods hold.

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