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    They really are depending on independent women, which shows how terrible a plan they have.

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    I find myself all too often going towards the most outrageous title.  So thank you for pointing out a failing in myself.  I will try to reform, but I fear that human nature and my own enjoyment in arguing may not make it so.  Nonetheless, following your advice will probably help my blood pressure.

  • then we go to the smashing of windows and the burning down of government.  j/k?

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    That second sentence should end with "that has really inspired me to be involved in his campaign."

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    I do not agree with Obama on every policy decision, but this man believes it is my civic duty to stand up and present my case when we do disagree.

    Truly one of the best statements about Obama.  It has been Obama's healthy respect for dissent and most especially his belief that ordinary citizens must get involved in not merely politics, but also in getting policies implemented.

    Thanks for helping out.

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    you've probably done more today to help our nation and our party than most of the fools in Washington.  Thanks.  I agree with you that the bright and happy approach does not work with all voters.  We as volunteers and supporters of Obama need to recognize that.  I was inspired by Obama, but I can understand that others were not.  In the end, it wasn't about the feeling that I received from Obama's words and actions; it is the work that we as a community can do to improve this nation that will bring about the change of which Obama has spoken.  So thank you for doing more than most including myself today.

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    "I'm concerned"?

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    The intensity of the primary diary battles could only have been produced by people who at some level really really cared about their candidates, and McCain just hasn't been able to generate that kind of enthusiasm, much less the kind necessary for a sustained foray onto an opposition blog's diary pages.

    This is the most fair and logical point ever addressing the primary wars.  

  • those policy differences couched not as an effort to dispute on the policy, but to question Obama's commitment to the Democratic party or his suitability to be a candidate.  Those people will continued to be called out for their "concern."

  • that is not a major issue on this blog.  The most divergence and vehemence is expressed against those advocating against out nominee, not specific issues.

  • "to tolerate" means.  According to Dictionary.com "to tolerate" means "to allow the existence, presence, practice, or act of without prohibition or hindrance; permit."  Were any of those ideas which you mentioned restricted by people on this blog.  Ideological purity is not what is sought.  Merely for party members to agree to accept the choice of our party for president.  And we're not demanding it, but deriding people who diagree with us about Obama's election (an idea can be tolerated and derided at the same time).  Moreover, we ask that people desiring the election of other candidates leave this community which was founded and is focused on election Democrats, since those who are dedicated to such a purpose are here only to disrupt the harmony of this community.  What's the problem with that?

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    I have found it exceedingly difficult to follow a thread after it gets beyond 200 comments.  I think that this reduces the ability of many users to follow a conversation or to interject.  Whether or not that is ture, it most certainly reduces the efficiency and the time needed to follow a thread.  This nesting issue upgrade would greatly improve the blog (I think).

  • the anti-semitism that is/was endemic to Europe, but the words people spoke were not the problem.  We have had anti-semitism and bigotry in this country and it never resulted in anything like the Holocaust.

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    Can't have everything in a presidential candidate, but I really wish we could have prevented Telecom immunity.  Verizon seemed to have no problem understanding what the law was/is.


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