Spraying Perfume on Turds: GOP Nuclear Option Whines & Lies

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Republicans whine about activist judges, even though there are far more Republican appointees than Democratic on Fed. appeals courts.  But hey!  They still want to go nuclear!

When the Republicans want to sell something, they just decide to change their vocabulary, especially when they're polling badly and on the losing end of things.  

The Democrats should call the Republicans on their word games bullshit.

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ACTION ALERT on DeLay. Throw DeLay an Anvil!

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We know who Tom DeLay is.  We know he's an asshole, and we know that the more people learn, the more they dislike DeLay.  

But a lot of people don't know who the hell he is... even after Schiavo grandstanding.  And even if they've heard of him, they don't know about everything about him.  

I've yet to see any Ohio papers write anything on Bob Ney's connections.  Have Georgia papers written about Ralph Reed's connections?  

In any case, it's time for us to let people know.  We need to raise his name recognition much higher. He's currently at 42% according to Gallup

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