(Update) BREAKING EXPOSE'? National Debt Ceiling to be breached again

Update [2005-12-19 20:44:23 by NeuvoLiberal]: The bill that Sens Conrad (rkg member on the budget cmte) and Sen. Sarbanes (rkg member on the banking, housing and urban affairs cmte) were talking about is the so-called ``Deficit Reduction`` Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 2005S. 1932. The debate will continue tomorrow at 9:45am, ET (C-Span 2).

Please see this dKos diary on this measure.


Update [2005-12-19 19:13:13 by NeuvoLiberal]:

(a Live update: Sens. Kent Conrad and Paul Sarbanes are talking about the debt RIGHT NOW on the senate floor. Check out the action on C-Span 2 live streams here. They're making great points on this topic. If you are able, please tune in and watch!

From that I gather this critical find: some measure/package under consideration includes a 781 Billion increase in the Debt Ceiling. Please call your senators right away (see below how), and urge them to not increase the ceiling and to rollback the tax cuts for the wealthy (apparently they're included in that measure, to the tune of $70 Billion and $95 billion in the house version).

Every call matters!


An observation: the run away Bush National Debt. which stood at $8.1 trillion on 12/15 will soon hit the National Debt Ceiling that was raised in November of 2004 to $8.18 Trillion (yes, after the election).

A simple estimation shows that the Federal Government will default on its payments, effectively a bankruptcy, from around the 12th of January, if not earlier, unless the Congress plays along with this grotesque mismanagement by Bush, Cheney & Co and raises the debt ceiling again.

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Update [2005-12-19 9:58:8 by NeuvoLiberal]: When you call your Senators per suggested action agenda below, please talk about these additional aspects:

  1. to detach the ANWR drilling provisions from the Defense spending bill
  2. to rollback the irresponsible Tax Cuts to start bringing the deficit down, instead of raising the Debt Ceiling.

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PATRIOT Act: Watch and ACT NOW!

Please visit this dKos diary and TAKE ACTION!

I will post this all over town today.

If you don't ACT now, don't WHINE tomorrow.

PATRIOT Act: Time for action is NOW

The Congressional session resumed yesterday, and the most important issue on tap is the reauthorization of the PATRIOT Act.

Specifically, the version that will be voted on this week in both house and the senate is the conference report 109-333 which can be found here. It is associated with resolution H.R. 3199 in the house and S. 1389 in the Senate.

You can read a detailed analysis by the ACLU of this conference report here, and a summary here.  ACLU opposes the bill.

The important thing to remember is that, in all the versions that have been under consideration, namely the house/senate/conference versions, most of the provisions of the PATRIOT act will become permanent.

What I think we should try to manage is this:

try and get the current pending resolution ("conference report") defeated or filibustered. then have the congress extend the existing law (which mostly expires in 12/31) by two to three months and hold open floor debates on a new version so that a sensible version of the the bill is enacted with citizen input and feedback. We should also ask for the entire bill to be have a 2 year sunset.

Barring the Iraq war, there is nothing that is of greater significance at this moment than to make sure that our civil rights are not compromised. I implore you to act upon it.

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[UPDATE] On the PATRIOT Act: credit and call for ACTION!

This is in response to Scott Shields' FP post.

First of all, there are/were others besides Sen. Feingold that have been fighting and have fought against the PATRIOT Act.

Rep. John Conyers has been relentlessly fighting it on the house side, especially in his ranking member role on the Judiciary committee. Please see his diaries at daily Kos along with Sen. Feingold's:

And 66 members of the house voted against it in 2001.

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Al Gore (11/2003): Repeal the PATRIOT Act + ACTION ITEMS!

Yahoo! News is reporting that a deal has been reached between the house and the senate representatives on patriot act reauthorization. It appears that the conference committee will propose 4 year sunsets on two or three provisions and make the rest permanent.

Just before posting this, I noticed that Congressman John Conyers has posted this dKos dairy today.

To follow is a speech by Al Gore on 11/9/2003, where he called for a repeal of the original PATRIOT act, asking instead for a few of its provisions to be crafted into a new, smaller, law. Please see below the fold for the text of the speech.

Some suggested action items follow the transcript.

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2008 Polls Galore!

Enjoy voting in these 2008 polls (please vote before viewing the results):

  1. Democratic nominee straight poll (18 candidates): VOTE HERE!

  2. Democratic nominee IRV poll (21 candidates): VOTE HERE!

  3. General election IRV poll : VOTE HERE!

I created the first two, but found the rather interesting third poll at demochoice.org (partial first round results for this poll as of writing this diary are below the fold).

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Gore 2008 Draft Drive: Thanksgiving Edition

Here is an update on the recently launched petition drive to draft Al Gore for a presidential run in 2008. Please see below the fold for the petition text.

  1. Gore Draft Petition Link.
  2. Current number of signatures: 902 (Thanks to everyone that signed and helped!)
  3. Website for the petition: Grassroots for Gore Blog (many improvements made and features added. Please feel free to explore the site, vote in the VP poll, and post your comments).

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