Gore emerging as the un-Hillary for 2008

Sure, strategic vision is a republican polling firm, but Chris Bowers had recently quoted their poll to talk about Rendell's numbers I believe. So, let's look at 5 most recent polls in stratetic vision's series of state polls.

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Effective jobloss under the Bush Economy: Unemployment rose from 4% (2000) to 5.1% (2005)

Raybin's FPed MLW post says: In a nutshell, the Bush economy has created 4.5 million jobs.

What that figure doesn't take into account is the increase in employment-ready population. When we do that, there was an effective job loss of 1.9 million during the 5+ years under the current administration.

Update [2006-2-8 14:11:22 by NeuvoLiberal]:

  1. btower over at MLW posted excellent graphs in my crosspost over there. Here is one of those graphs that plots official unemployment rate and the so-called U6 unemployment rate. Please visit the link above for btower's further explanation:

  2. GreyHawk at dKos cited this diary Unemployment Deception in this regard.

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2008 IRV Straw Poll: popular choice version

Chris included Tom Daschle to his straw poll lineup this month, but he has once again found reasons to skip a rather popular, if not the most popular, potential candidate (you know who I am talking about, right :)).

So, here is a version of the poll making amends to the glaring omission.
Popular IRV Version (Feb'06): Vote Here!


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Inclusive 2008 Polls: Jan 31st Edition

Kos put his straw poll up. So its time for a couple more in our "Inclusive 2008 polls" series.

I request you to not promote these polls in any candidate specific blog or forum. Thanks.

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The Powder IS Dry: A 4-Point case for an Alito filibuster

I know, the writing is said to be on the wall that Alito will be confirmed; so says AP.

According to California Yankee, Alito has 51 Yes votes. So far, only Ben Nelson has crossed over from our side of the aisle.

If the Dems maintain unity (sans Ben Nelson), they CAN still filibuster, and they must.

Below the fold, I will make a brief 4-point case against Alito. Before or after reading it, if you believe that Alito should be filibustered, please call and write your senators (please find links below).

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2008 Polls

Poll follows.

Links to two pollhost.com hosted polls in the comments section.

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Inclusive 2008 POLL! Jan. 14 Edition

Time for one more.

Inclusive 2008 Poll!: Jan. 14 edition

Candidates this time: Evan Bayh, Joe Biden, Barbara Boxer, Wesley Clark, Hillary Clinton, John Conyers, Howard Dean, John Edwards, Russ Feingold, Al Gore, John Kerry, Dennis Kucinich, Barack Obama, Brian Schweitzer, Jack Reed (Sen. RI), Harry Reid, Bill Richardson, Mark Warner

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Final Update || DAY OF ACTION: Texas filing deadline is TODAY. Y'all can help!

This is a followup to this diary from last night by Adam T.

Key words: Texas, 2006, 50 state strategy

Update [2006-1-2 16:21:11 by NeuvoLiberal]: John Morris and Roger Waun will field Democratic challenges in TX-12 and TX-13, respectively. Thanks are due UKLIB here at myDD and boadicia over at dKos for posting updates on the filing status. We have 4 filings left to cover all the bases in the lone star state, and 3 hours to do so.

Update [2006-1-2 20:49:11 by NeuvoLiberal]:Per 5:45pm posting, all the CDs in Texas except TX-11 have a Democratic candidate. Please see this posting. Please stay abreast with filing deadlines and status at Barry Welsh's 2006 Congressional Races page, and get involved at local and national national levels. Thanks for helping and participating. Next up: WV (01.28.06), Kentucky (01.31.06), NM (02.14.06), and OH (02.16.06). Have a great day!

Update [2006-1-3 15:16:2 by NeuvoLiberal]: Since this diary is still on the REC list, I'd like to take this opportunity to recognize RBH and BENAWU for their continuing work on the 2006 election and their informative commentary below. Finally, here is a statement from the TX Democratic party chair:

Charles Soechting on Democratic candidate filings and the 2006 elections: “Democrats are proud of the many qualified candidates we have running all over the state and up and down the ballot. Whether statewide or for the State House, our candidates are in step with the values of Texas families and offer a real alternative to the failed Republican leadership currently in charge.
The only way to make Democracy work is by digging our heels into it!

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An Inclusive 2008 Poll

A 2008 straw poll with the following candidates is inlined below: Evan Bayh, Joe Biden, Barbara Boxer, Wesley Clark, Hillary Clinton, John Conyers, Howard Dean, John Edwards, Russ Feingold, Al Gore, John Kerry, Dennis Kucinich, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Jack Reed (Sen. RI), Harry Reid, Bill Richardson, Mark Warner

Hope you will enjoy voting.

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PATRIOT Act: Please help pass the 3 month extension of debate

As you may be aware, Sens. Leahy and Sununu introduced a legislation to extend the expiring provisions of the PATRIOT Act by 3 months so that the reauthorization legislation can be debated thoroughly before most of the act becomes permanent.

It is critical to pass this extension before the Senate recesses for the holidays, and I'll leave it to you to imagine the political calculus, given that 16 provisions will expire on 12/31.

The bill number is S. 2082, and it currently has 48 sponsor+co-sponsors. If we have 3 more senators onboard, the bill will have the 51 votes required to pass. Please help push it past that mark.

Key Words: Patriot Act, Defense spending bill, National Deficit, Legislative Activism, Activism

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