'It'll be over by Feb 5th' --Hillary Clinton (and McAuliffe)

Brief response to this post.

Hillary Clinton on This Week - 12/30/07

'It'll be over by Feb 5th': @ 7m:10s


"This thing will be over on Feb. 5," campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe assured reporters the day after Clinton's third-place finish in the Iowa caucuses. California, New York, New Jersey and other big Feb. 5 states were "Clinton Country," the thinking went.

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A Gallon of Truth: Obama's gas tax math is correct (w/ Update)

Here is what Obama said about Clinton and McCain's pandering on gas tax suspension for the summer:

Clinton-McCain gas tax holiday slammed as bad idea

"It would last for three months and it would save you on average half a tank of gas, $25 to $30. That's what Senator Clinton and Senator McCain are proposing to deal with the gas crisis," he said on Tuesday in Winston-Sal

And he's absolutely right.

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Obama's popular vote lead: 600K w/o FL+MI || 250K w/ FL+MI

That's right.

1. Excluding Michigan and Florida, Obama has a popular vote lead of 610,000 votes.

2. Including FL's beauty-contest result and an exit poll based estimate in MI (which improves it from a non-contest where Obama wasn't on the ballot to sort of a FL-type beauty contest where no one could campaign), Obama currently has a 251,000 lead in the popular vote.

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The media has been more pro-Clinton than pro-Obama

Let's consider the following.

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Obama's Record Reference: Version 1

Please find a compilation of Obama's record and positions below. A better formatted version to be posted later.

Crossposted at Daily Kos: Obama's Record Reference: Version 1. Please use that diary for forwarding and emailing to friends, family and others as that has a few typos edited out, has some updates and I will be updating it further in the next couple of days. Thanks.

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Watch Bill Clinton throw Monica Lewinsky under the bus

This is a response to this "diary" smearing Obama. In that connection, let us recollect what Bill Clinton did to Monica Lewinsky.

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Cool Stare Hillary

As the Clinton camp is busy spinning the so-called "Obama snub" story, thus continuing to turn the presidential race into a soap opera, a taste of their own medicine is the following.

Apparently, Hillary didn't like the idea of having her coronation challenged:

Cool Stare Hillary

August 3, 2007,  1:10 pm
Clinton-Obama Tensions Spill Into the Senate

By The New York Times

  The relationship began to change, according to several Democrats who are friendly to both senators, when Mr. Obama began musing aloud about a presidential bid. The day he opened his exploratory committee, several Senate observers said, he extended his hand and said hello on the Senate floor. She breezed by him, offering a cool stare.

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Obama's dramatic comeback victory in SC

At 74% precincts reporting in the SC primary, the numbers are at: Obama (54%), Clinton (27%) and Edwards (19%).

I did some calculations using exit polls (using gender cross tabs):

which estimate gives roughly the same numbers.

I also did some computations using Pollster.com's SC polls page, and interestingly, Hillary led Obama in monthly averages all the way till December:

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Time Travel: Hillary Trying To Play Bush To Obama's Gore

Inspired by BTD, let us travel back in time to the evening of January 3rd, 2008. Shall we?...

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Exit polls: O (39.44%), H (38.12%), E (15.72%)

A quick post as I didn't see this reported on the TV shows.

If we calculate the total percentages from CNN exit polls, using male/female split numbers given, we get these results:

(Richardson 4.72%, Kucinich 1.43% not in this screenshot of the table).

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