Congressman Admits Prefering Tax Cuts for Rich To Helping Poor

DumpMike published a piece last month about how Rep. Mike Ferguson's staffers are not very good at constituent support, and prefer to toe the party line rather than give real answers to questions.  The Turnpike Feminist decided to relay her own story about a meeting with staff, and it turns out we were wrong about their preference for not giving real answers.  (formatting added)
We were talking about the budget cuts, the millions of dollars lost to New Jerseyeans including tuition help and medicare and food stamps.  The chief of staff made it clear to me that keeping the tax cuts for the rich from the year before was "a priority".  

I said, "More of a priority than the poorer folk of New Jersey?" He looked at me, obviously irritated that the girl in the crazy red hair was asking him to prioritize.  

"The congressman thinks that boosting the economy is a priority," he said.  But I wasnt going to let him get away with that.  

"I'm asking you to prioritize this for me," I said.   "Does the congressman feel that keeping last years tax cuts is more of a priority than food stamps, medicaid, tuition, and social programs for New Jerseyeans?" I pushed.  

"Well," he said.  "Yes."

If this is really Rep. Ferguson's position, that would be pretty big news.  If it's not his position, then how can 7th district residents trust anything that Ferguson's staff tells them?

So let's find out.  Please contact the Congressman and ask if he really believes that making President Bush's tax cuts permanent is more important that providing food stamps, medical, tuition and other social programs for the residents of the 7th district.  We expect to get no answer, as the Ferguson staff prefers not to answer the tough questions, but if you do get one please use the comments at Dump Mike to tell us what the response was.

You can contact Mike Ferguson's office at:

Warren, NJ: (908) 757-7835 (v) or (908) 757-7841 (f) or e-mail
Washington, DC: (202) 225-5361 (v) or (202) 225-9460 (f) or e-mail
Campaign Office: (732) 560-4700 (v) or (732) 560-4790 (f) or e-mail.
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