Senator Clinton's support among women, no college education, Hispanic etc falls below 50%

According to Gallup (and opinion polls often get things wrong) Senator Clinton's support among many of her traditional supporters, for example, women; adults with no college education; Hispanic; has fallen below 50% > Surge-Fairly-BroadBased.aspx

The only major group in which she retains a lead of 51% or more over Senator Obama is women aged 50 and older.

I have no doubt that these groups will give Clinton a strong sympathy vote in the remaining primaries.

However the trend gives strong hope that most members of these groups will support Obama in the general election, that they will not go play with McCain or pick up their ball and go home.

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Clinton's campaign chairman says contest will be decided in June

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- As talk swirled this morning over when Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton should end her quest for the Democratic presidential nomination, her campaign chairman predicted the party would have a presumptive nominee in June and, if it's not Clinton, she would campaign for Sen. Barack Obama.

The comments by Terry McAuliffe seemed aimed at persuading superdelegates and Democratic Party leaders that Clinton would not hurt party unity by pressing her campaign through the final June 3 primaries in Montana and South Dakota. na-campaign9-2008may09,0,1443049.story

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Obama is not the Messiah, he is a very naughty boy

Well, I don't really believe that Senator Obama is either the Messiah or a very naughty boy, but it is not the first time a diary has started with a untrue presumption.

But I do wonder what he biggest fault is. Beating Senator Clinton to the nomination in spite of being an elitist? Beating Hillary in spite of having less experience? Beating Hillary in spite of having no solutions.

Or perhaps people don't like him because he did not bow down to the 'inevitability' of a Clinton nomination, that he had the better experience and solution for winning delegates. Some people certainly seem to hold it against him that he had the better solution to raising more money from more people.

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